Wednesday, 9 April 2014

#WW Wow Wednesday: Stephanie Myers

Hi guys and girls! Yep, it's that day of the week again. Welcome to WOW Wednesday
My guest today is Stephanie Myers, author of the paranormal YA novel Dark Revelation
Read on to find out more about Stephanie and her writing...

All about Stephanie

I am an author. It’s what I do. It’s what I want to do. It’s not the only thing I do, but it’s what I want to be when I grow up!

Stephanie was born in San Antonio, Texas, and spent most of her youth in Germany. She then joined the military and travelled the world... somewhat. She lived in Japan, spent time in India and currently resides in Sacramento, California. She is surrounded by her close friends, family and animals. She lives with her oldest daughter (Illeana), youngest daughter (Kathryn), Punky and Snoopy (their Chorkies) and a cat (Miss Kitty). She misses her son, Gavin, terribly. He currently lives in Georgia.

Stephanie has written for many years. She started writing songs at the age of ten. Her writing progressed into short stories, poetry, screenplays and, more recently, her novel Dark RevelationWhile Dark Revelation is of the YA genre, her other WIPs (works in progress) are more adult in nature – but no, not that kind of adult.

Stick around, read her blog, follow her on twitter and, most of all, read her books!
She is currently working on the second book in the Dark Revelation series.

Currently, 45 on, ranking 4.1 out of 5 stars

“This book had me hooked in the first chapter, wondering just what was so special about Ryleigh. As it turned out there was no way on earth I could have guessed how complicated things were for her. As her story unfolds, surprising twists and turns take the reader through a maze of exciting discoveries about the secret world of Ryleigh’s family. Both the good side and the bad side. The details of Ryleigh’s powers and how she learns to control them were vividly described. Plenty of suspense and some very original characters make this a fun book to read. I was especially taken with the author’s take on the Fae, family histories and magical energies of these characters. It’s vastly different and I think more compelling than many of the paranormal thrillers I have read before. I look forward to the next book in this series. I was thoroughly entertained by this one. The story is fast paced, original and suspenseful. I don’t often read this genre, but after reading this I may sample more.”
AE Drury, ‘Ed Drury’

 “I loved this book. I love how it was written and the entire story. I could hardly put it down.”

“This is really good. I love it! It is such a good book, I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series.”


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Friday, 4 April 2014

New release: Far Away In Time by Maria Savva

Hi guys! Today I'm pleased to welcome Maria Savva and announce the release of her new collection of short stories, Far Away In Time. Read on to find out more about Maria and her book, and you can check out the trailer too, which, I have to say, got me hooked! :) 

Eight unforgettable tales reaching out to a place Far Away In Time...

Our lives are a series of stories, and we are the characters with the starring roles. The memories, regrets, secrets and struggles that fill these pages are at once unique and relatable. These stories belong to us all.

Universal book link:

About Maria Savva

Maria Savva lives and works in London. She studied law at Middlesex University and The College of Law. She is a lawyer, although not currently practising. She writes novels and short stories in various genres, including drama, psychological thriller and family saga. 

Many of her books and stories are inspired by her years spent working as a lawyer, although she has not written a courtroom drama to date. She has published five novels, the most recent of which is Haunted, a crime fiction/psychological thriller. Far Away In Time is her sixth collection of short stories. 

You can find out more about her work at her official website:


By Sheri A. Wilkinson (5 stars)

Far Away In Time is a collection of eight short stories fantastically told by Maria Savva. These stories are different genres, from fantasy, to mystery and paranormal. All stories have their own qualities that I loved, written with detail that grabs your attention and won’t let go. I enjoyed all of them, but I would have to say my three favourites were The Ghost of Christmas Past, Echos of Her Dreams & Tragedy of Love. I feel there is something for everyone in this awesome collection of stories.”

By BookAddict (5 stars)

“Maria Savva has a knack for writing powerful short stories. As with much of her writing, we aren’t confined to any specific genre. Some of these stories made me smile while others made me shudder. They’re all different, yet blend beautifully. While I enjoyed them all, the title story stands out as my favourite. This is a blend of mystery, fantasy and paranormal, and I just love the character of Mr. Silverfrost. I hope he’ll make more appearances in future stories.”

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Thursday, 3 April 2014

I entered a flash fiction contest on Indies Unlimited

Hi, I entered a flash fiction contest on the Indies Unlimited website. It's time to vote today and you can read all of the entries here -
The contest takes place every week. :) Good luck if you enter next week.

Flash Fiction Challenge: Missed Connection

new orleans 1999 pomegranateI saw the pomegranate on the windowsill, but the shutters were closed. The contact was not there. Something had gone wrong.
It happens more often that you’d think, and way more often than I like. A missed connection doesn’t necessarily mean the mission has been blown, but it is never a good sign.
The only thing to do in situations like this is to stay calm and remain vigilant. I took the pomegranate and proceeded down the alleyway to the secondary rendezvous point. That’s when I noticed I was being followed…
In 250 words or less, tell us a story incorporating the elements in the picture. 
My entry: 
Crouching still, I swung my head to the left and right, pricking my keen ears in a bid to detect the movement I could only sense. I cursed my lack of supersonic anything; if only. The gloom revealed not a soul behind me, so perhaps I only imagined it. I crept on, taking one careful step at a time…
A crunch! I turned swiftly, in time to spy a fleeting picture of him. Feeling the pomegranate give a little under the pressure I inflicted, I willed myself to remain calm.
Not far to go, I urged myself too late for he would never give up; as restless in death as in life. If only his appetite had been satisfied, but I could not help him now. I knew I would forever be doomed to echo this same farce night in, night out, hunted.
Listless, I padded away, listening to the beat of my feet on the gravel-strewn concrete. The alleyway eeled and I turned with it, only to come face to face with him: my foe, my opponent in every existence. My alter ego, Crow.
He would always crave my delicious pomegranate. With a meow, I let it fall to the ground in front of him. A squawk escaped his beak before the man with the spade clobbered him over the head, in the same way he always did, night in, night out. Then I, too, vanished into the night, flying on the back of the wind.
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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

#WW WOW Wednesday: Kymber Lee

Hi guys and girls! Yep, it's that day of the week again. Welcome to WOW Wednesday. My guest today is Kymber Lee, author of regency romance and mystery/conspiracy novels. Read on to find out more about Kymber and her writing...

Lord Tristan's True Love

Did you know that the society of Regency England forced members of the ton to marry if they were seen in public together? The unescorted young lady’s reputation would be quite ruined otherwise. 

This book is one such story and tells of Miss Caroline Denise Whittingham’s misadventures in trying to get her betrothed to ‘cry off’. Unfortunately, one of her schemes has her thrown out of the realm of society and her betrothed, Lord Tristan Darlington, refuses to end the engagement until she finds her way back into their good graces. Of certainty, the odds of regaining favour with the peerage is slim in 1820 London, but Lord Darlington is a great friend of the Countess Lieven and enlists her aid. 

Caroline finds him to be a pompous, stuffy lord who is puffed up with himself and his reputation; not caring a whit for her. In her efforts to expel Lord Darlington, she is deliberately rude to him in public and pretends to be afraid he will hurt her. These escapades force him to show his nastier side to the peerage he so desperately wants to impress. 

On the day their engagement is announced in the London Times, there is a grand ball. Caroline presents herself in a most inappropriate gown and causes everyone in the room to turn their backs on her. Lord Darlington comes to her side and forces her to dance the waltz with him, acting for all the world as if nothing is amiss. Once the dance is over, he leads her into the gardens to show her how women who behave so outrageously are treated. 

The tearful pleadings to her strict parents all prove to be in vain. Miss Whittingham cannot seem to win in this matter of the heart, for her father is certain she should wed to save the family from disgrace. Her temper tantrums and quick wit keep the story moving swiftly, carrying the reader from page to page like rapids in a river. 

The sparring between Miss Whittingham and Lord Darlington cause many a raised eyebrow in society, which makes the book amusing and charming to read. It is my sincere desire that you will find this book energetic, as well as entertaining, for it has been a pleasure to write.


"Lord Tristan's True Love was artfully written in typical true romance style, with the main character, Caroline, being your headstrong, naive, inexperienced love interest of the callous Lord Tristan who was typically arrogant, aloof, separate... yet deeply in love from first sight with the wilful Miss Whittingham. The book was a joy to read, yet it left me wanting more! More descriptive details of the surroundings, the clothing, the carriages... everything! Being such a period piece, I truly wanted to be drawn in by the details of the era, which were a little sparse. Having said that, I would definitely recommend Lord Tristan's True Love for a quick weekend read and will be keeping an eye out for more from this author. Well done Miz Kymber Lee!"
Cindy Smith

"If you're a lover of historical romance stories, this is a must read." 
Jennifer Loiske

“Very entertaining story with a good mix of characters and a dab of humor."

Book links

All about Kymber Lee

 Kymber Lee is a Christian historical romance novelist. Her first published novel, Treasured Love, is available in audio or paperback. Lord Tristan's True Love is now available on Kindle and will be offered in paperback in 2014. Both of these novels are set in Regency England (1811-1819).

Lee has written mystery/conspiracy novels - the What She Knew trilogy by KR Hughes 'and TL Burns. In these books, Marilyn Monroe is saved and it's a race against time to see if 'What She Knew' can save JFK from that fateful bullet. The first two books are available on Kindle: Fateful Night and Darkest Day.

Lee also has a story in the Holiday Keepsakes Collection from Master Koda Publishing.

Kymber Lee is a native Texan. She enjoys mentoring beginners to editing advanced writing. She has an English degree with a minor in journalism from West Texas University.

Lee currently lives in Atlanta, GA, and owns a production company with her co-author, TL Burns. They are currently working on book three in the What She Knew trilogy, due out in late summer 2014.

How to contact Kymber Lee

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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

A Poem a Day (54): Blade

It's a dark one today. I imagined a murderer and what her motivation/past might be. Cheers.


I wonder in the moment how it fits,
The twisting of this knife in this flesh
That flits and squirms, seeking an escape,
Yet none will come in this foggy gloom
Where my anger shifts like a hurricane,
Sweeping all asunder in its desperation.

Pleading with my conscience so torn
It rips, and I listen to these cries in the dark.
Unhearing, unseeing, my reaction is all,
But I feel it not, so detached as I am.

In this space in time I try to wake myself,
Yet all is lost in this sinking maelstrom.
I cannot rise
Though I seek it,
Wish it as my mind breaks.

Filling the cracks the sticky blood sweeps,
Creating a pool of red to seize the grey.

I spy my reflection seeking to pull me in.

In my protest I stand, gripping the steel edge
That ravaged him here in the silencing
In less time than it took him to be born.

Now he is gone and only I remain,
The watcher,

Here the darkness plunges,
Writhing with me, caressing me,
Exhausting me until I am but an empty cage,
Yet it is also my prison and here I must stay
Uninvited, unwanted, unmuted in my desire
To kill.

Brushing the knife along the edge of my shirt
I drift slowly away, the alleyway growing shorter.

I am deaf to the rush of traffic and people walking
Who know not what lies here, breathing his last.
I feel his eyes penetrating my back, my skin,
But I will not turn to look at him again, I cannot.
In knowing I will tear apart, sense it, know it.

Walking away is the only thing I know how to do well;
My speciality
Since I was a child,
Since he left me not a child.

The curiosity is too much and I glance back at him;
He who created me in the same degree of dark,
Wrenching away my innocence, abandoning me
With the remnants of my spirit ripped in tatters.

A smile curves itself upon my face in the still breeze;
The moment dives into the ground, rooting me down
Where blackness dances in this pitch heart of mine,
But my heart is his,
Dying where my father breathes his last,
Knowing it was me who extinguished his last sigh.

So our secret will finally die as I turn into the light.

copyright Vickie Johnstone

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

#WW Wow Wednesday: Jennifer Loiske

Hi guys and girls! Yep, it's that day of the week again. Welcome to WOW Wednesday. My guest today is Jennifer Loiske, who writes about shapeshifters, vampires and things that go bump in the night. And she has a great gift for everyone -  her spooky novel, Black Diamond, is free until March 28th! 
Read on to find out more about Jennifer and her hot books...

Where you can get Black Diamond for FREE until March 28

All about Jennifer

Jennifer Loiske lives in Naantali, which is a small, sunny town on the southwest coast of Finland. She has written seven books, which can be found on Amazon worldwide, and has three different series: Shape Shifter for YA readers; Immortal Blood for mature YA readers and McLean Twins for teen/YA readers. 

Jennifer is a workaholic author. If she isn’t writing posts for her own blog or guest posts for others, articles for magazines or her novels, she can be found in the forest with her two dogs. She is also very keen on doing charity work and a big portion of her royalties goes to good causes; mainly to help families with epileptic children, but also to epilepsy units in hospitals. Jennifer is part of the author alliance, Authors For Charity, and an active team member of Epilepsy FI.


Part One of the McLean Twins series

For readers aged 12 and up

After her mum’s sudden death, twelve-year-old Shannon McLean has to move from the US to the English countryside to live with her mysterious father, Connor McLean, whom she hasn’t seen since she was a baby. Soon she discovers he doesn’t want her around and that her moving into his huge manor, Greyman Hill, is nothing more to him than a compulsory deal. But if he doesn’t exactly give her a warm welcome then his servant, Robert, is most likely an incarnation of evil. He runs the house with an iron touch and makes everyone who works there his little puppets.

Weird things start to happen and the whole place scares the crap out of Shannon. Her dad can control her just by looking at her. The walls are full of secret passages and apparently she has the talent to awaken the ghosts in them. Every day is worse than the day before and she badly wants to run away, but discovers it is impossible. If she wants to stay alive, she has to do exactly as her dad says, or she will not only jeopardise her own life but also those of the people around her.

While Shannon struggles to find the magic inside her, Connor is slowly turning into a demon. One carelessly spoken word from her could save or destroy them both. In the end she has to decide whether to save herself and her loved ones, or lose her dad to the darkness and evil that threaten to eat his soul.

What readers say:

“This was a great read and held my attention without a problem. I loved all the different aspects of the plot. The story was very easy to follow and all the characters were well developed. I really couldn’t stand the father in this story at all. You would think that he would have been more caring towards his daughter and it just bugged me that he was so cold. Great book for teen readers and I would recommend to anyone.”

“Black Diamond moves at a pace that can only be described as whirlwind. This is one impressive book. The storyline is unlike anything else that I have ever read. Jennifer Loiske is an author who has the ability to move her readers. I truly cannot wait to see what Loiske has in store for us next.”

“Jennifer has presented a fresh idea with a delightfully independent and strong female protagonist that will keep you cheering for her throughout the story. It kept me guessing until the end. The emotional rollercoaster that plays throughout this novel is one of a kind. Talent is evident in the ability to portray intense emotion without making the story seem cheesy or unrealistic. I am impressed by the ability of this young author and cannot wait to see what she has in store for the future.”

Excerpt (unedited by me):

“Shannon,” Connor said from the doorway. It looked like he had been waiting for her.
Shannon said nothing and tried to pass him.
He blocked her way but didn't touch her. “Shannon,” he said again, but this time danger lurked in his voice.
She swallowed. Connor's eyes were so dark and something horrible gleamed behind them. She froze. She could've tried to push past him, but his eyes warned her not to even try anything like that, so she lifted her head and met his eyes. “Connor,” she said, and was proud that her voice didn't shake.
Connor sighed heavily. “Shannon, Shannon, Shannon. What am I going to do with you?”
“You could start by letting me go,” she suggested quietly.
Connor shook his head. “Can't do that.”
“Can't or won't?” Shannon asked and felt the courage coming back to her body.
Connor was quiet. The air around him seemed so dark. Almost like he was a black hole that absorbed all the light around him. He was dressed all in black and looked more like a devil than a human.
Shannon could see Robert grinning wickedly behind him. Her mind was screaming that she should be deadly afraid of this man in front of her, but she wasn't. She was more afraid of the man behind him and somehow Connor seemed to be the safer choice. There was nothing human in Robert. It was like he was waiting for Connor to strike her down and feast on her dead body. He stared at them with his small, cold, mean eyes and seemed to be encouraging Connor to harm her.
Connor did nothing. After a very uncomfortably long time he shooed Robert away with his hand. “Both,” he said and moved out of her way.
She had almost forgotten what she had asked, but when Connor moved, she moved as well, carefully, from the outside to the inside of the house. He followed. She was scared of him, but there was something so vulnerable in him just then that she couldn’t leave him alone. After all, he was her dad. Robert was gone, thank God, so she dared to speak to him more openly than she had thought possible. “What do you mean? This is your house and I’m your daughter. You can do whatever you want,” she said and hoped she hadn't gone too far.
“I know. It's just that I'm no good with little girls like you, and it's been so long since I remembered what it feels like to be a—” He stopped and looked at her like he was suffering.
“To be what?” Shannon whispered, afraid to hear the answer.
Connor stared into her blue eyes and everything vulnerable was gone from him. He looked even scarier than before. The candles burned brightly around them and when he spoke, their flames flashed like someone had thrown something into them. “Never mind. Just stay away from me and obey my orders. If I tell you to eat, you'll eat and so on, okay?”
“No! It's not okay!” Shannon shouted. Tears burned behind her eyes. “You can't tell me what to do! I'm not a baby anymore!”
“You'll do what I tell you to do or you'll be sorry for the day you were born!” Connor thundered and something touched Shannon's hair. It felt like a spider web but it was really cold. It could've been somebody's bony fingers as well, but whatever it was made her scream.

Part One of Immortal Blood Series 

For readers aged 18 and up

Samantha Green wanted only to be normal, have a shallow life with smoking hot Jonathan Blake and an unforgettable senior year at Regents East High. But one morning she wakes up as a vampire. She has no idea who bit her or why. All she knows is she didn’t want it. Now her new life is full of secrets, deceit and fear, not to mention raw meatballs and red nectar that is definitely something else besides strawberry juice. Samantha tries to act normal. She pretends to like her mum’s chicken salad, goes to school and learns how to survive on her own, but what can she do when she finds herself inside a devious conspiracy, faced with strikingly fast hunters, secret clubs and mouthwateringly gorgeous boys – and the only food she can catch is her best friend Kate Walker’s wrist?

What readers say:

“This book was amazing and filled with humour. I read this book in one sitting because I could not put it down. Samantha is obsessed with fellow classmate Jonathan. She stalks him and then everything changes. She wakes up as a Vampire with no one to teach her the rules and way of Vampire life. Sam chases Jonathan around for answers, suspecting he's the one that changed her, but what happens when a stranger appears and seems to know more about her than what she expects? I highly recommend this book if you’re looking for a good read and laugh. Jennifer Loiske has done an amazing job.”

“I am a middle-aged man who has never read a book about teenagers and vampires. The wrong person to review such a book, you may think... or perhaps the best. I had no idea what to expect and took it all at face value. I do have some experience in the genre though. I was once a teenager myself and I have a teenage daughter the same age as the main character Samantha. I know how hormone-driven teenagers with big ideas and an inwardly-focused approach to life, crave adventure and acceptance in any world other than that represented by their parents. Jennifer Loiske follows this theme and skillfully uses the vampire scenario as a vehicle to give a tired, old subject vibrancy and bite. Her subtle style (I stared at him, stunned, and tasted the word ‘friend’ in my mouth) is easy to read and helps convey difficult emotions to the reader. The finest quality of any writer is to paint a clear picture in their readers' minds. Jennifer does this.”

“I can say this is the first book that officially pissed me off in a good way. Why? It ended. Don't let the cliffhanger stop you! I have never experienced such a great hook, which by saying I'm still a bit miffed at the author is the highest possible compliment I can pay. I totally recommend this book to lovers of all things paranormal.”

Excerpt (unedited by me):

A quiet knock woke me from my miserable thoughts. I opened the door, sighing, and watched Kate rush onto the couch and look at me with her eager eyes. I sighed again. I could tell she was bursting but I didn't know how to start. Should I just blurt it out or should I smoothen the edges and tell her gently? Oh God! Why did this have to be so difficult? I glanced at her and saw how she was struggling not to talk. Not to ask anything, like she wanted to prove she was worthy of my trust. Oh, what the hell. I decided to spit it out.
“I think I'm a vampire.”
Silence. Kate's eyes widened and she opened and closed her mouth in turns. “You think you're a vampire.”
I nodded and she lifted her finger. She formed questions like what, when, who with her lips but nothing came out. I nodded again and saw an angry flash in her eyes.
“And that's why you dragged me here in the middle of the night?” Kate's voice rose alarmingly.
“Shh,” I hushed. “I don't want to wake my parents and neither do you.”
Kate got up and paced back and forth. “You don't think you're a vampire, Sam. That kind of thing you know.”
“Okay,” I sighed. “Let's assume I know I’m a vampire. Will you help me or not?”
“What kind of help are we talking about exactly?” Kate asked suspiciously. I licked my lips. I couldn't help it, but just the thought of her blood made me crazy. “Oh, no,” Kate backed away. “I'm so not going to let you bite me. Besides, what evidence do you have that you are a vampire besides your new gorgeous look? I thought you didn't believe any supernatural crap.”
“I didn't,” I admitted. “But something happened to me.” I opened my scarf and let her see the small fang marks on my neck. “I got bitten.”
Kate leaned over and looked at my marks. I couldn't help but sniff her heavenly smell and reveal my fangs. She glanced at me weirdly and I felt embarrassed. “Okay,” she said slowly. “So, you have fangs. What other proof do you have?”
I laughed nervously. She hadn't run yet and that was a good sign, right? “I don't have any pimples anymore.” I raised my brow.
“Right,” Kate's mouth tugged. “Anything other than what Clearasil won't cover?”
“My eyes hurt in the daylight and I look like a supermodel,” I grinned. “And I'm hungry.”
Kate went pale. “How hungry?”
“Don't worry, I won't jump on you. I can perfectly control myself.” I think, I added in my mind.
Kate sat down again and eyed me warily. We didn't speak for a while. I pressed my knees together with my hands as if my life depended on it and tried to ignore my ever-so-growing hunger. Five minutes had passed and I couldn't even look at her anymore. My throat was like sandpaper and my fangs hurt.
“Don't lie to me,” Kate said quietly.
“I'm not lying,” I managed to hiss. “I won't bite you. Scout's honor.”
“You're no Scout,” Kate sneered. “Tell me exactly how bad it is.”I glanced at her and shook my head. “Honey, your eyes are already reddish and I bet in a minute or two you’ll drool,” she said gently and moved closer to me.


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