Monday, 25 April 2016

A Poem a Day (56): Too slow to flow

Another one for JD Mader's #2minutesgo Friday challenge. Cheers.

Stream effect
It’s too slow to flow
Far too fast to fly
Never saying goodbye
Dreading to stand still

Pictures pass in flashes
Faces never held too long
Sentences always broken
Paths never taken to the end

It’s too complicated
To stop, and think and feel
Decide what now to do
When tomorrow blinds

To pause means to die
Preferring the haze I flow
As liquid trickles its way
This hand will never stay

Don’t try to catch this
The movement I create
The substance I escape
In this mood ethereal

I am this echo of breath
A warmth upon the mirror
Disappearing upon the air
Lost on the ocean’s wave.

copyright Vickie Johnstone, 22 April, 2016

Friday, 22 April 2016

A Poem a Day (55): Time

Another one for JD Mader's #2minutesgo writing exercise on his website, Unemployed Imagination - check it out :) 


I count the minutes, not the hours,
Then the hours, not the days,
Just the days, never the weeks,
And you can forget about the years.

I take the train, forget the bus,
Prefer to walk when I could run,
Spare my blushes for the sun
When the rain throws me a smile.

I am the morning, not the night,
The stars that shine and never blight,
I know your pain, your every fear,
The memory of you sleeping here.

I know the year will always end,
But on this trick I can depend –
To think of it as a zillion seconds,
And there my eternity beckons.

copyright Vickie Johnstone, April 22, 2016

Flash fiction 15: Girl #2minutesgo

Today, JD Mader is inviting everyone to visit his website, Unemployed Imagination -, and write anything for 2 minutes - just go for it, without looking back and editing. It got me writing today. Have a great weekend! :) 


“I came to investigate your smile,” she said, but he knew the girl didn’t mean a word of it. He scowled beneath his black, woolly hat, flicking the dying ash from the end of his cigarette. Some lines worked; hers didn’t. Some girls intrigued him; her face didn’t even stir the corner of his mind. 

He trailed a steady fingertip along his lip, perused and paused, glancing at her sideways until it turned into a stare, penetrating. It was a look he’d fashioned so long, practised even, and he almost felt that lazy smile scurry its way across. Almost. 

Boredom fogged his concentration, evaporation needed no time to glue itself inside of him. The ash flicked again. She hadn’t moved. It was as if she expected something. So he would give it to her. And she wouldn’t even want to remember him tomorrow. 

In the morning she would want to bury him in a hole. And he would regain his soiled smile, inhaling the smoke that turned his breath stale. Like his reflection. Always a sidelong glance.

copyright Vickie Johnstone, April 22, 2016  

Saturday, 30 January 2016

A Poem a Day (54): Skitter

This is my first post this year, so I hope 2016 is treating you well. I think it's going to be a year of change, to be honest. I feel that buzz about it. Good changes for us all, hopefully. 

So, yesterday was Friday and the day to write about whatever comes into your head with JD Mader over at his website, Unemployed Imagination - The idea is to write for 2 minutes - some people write longer - and you just go for it, without looking back and editing. Check it out some time. Hope you are having a great weekend!


It’s the slant in her walk
That gives it away,
The linger in the moment
When the moment stopped.

She’s the ghost in your smile
Loitering behind your eyes,
Sucking your aura inside her -
Clueless, you drift further away

Where the sea rages in silence,
Waiting, sliding upon the nothing

She’s there in every shape
And form of your despair;
The perfume of her washed hair,
The curves beneath the sheets
On which you try to sleep at night -
It withers into dark night chills
Hugging you cold in the night’s time
As you pray for dawn to break

Where the mirror finds you wanting,
Waiting, wishing to be nothing

It’s the promise reserved in her kiss
Only hers and only yours -
Turned to glass it shatters freely
If you fail to grasp its meaning.

She’s the name you always recall,
The face you’ll always see before you
When you try to deny your part
In her plunge into the begging dark.

Copyright Vickie Johnstone, January 29, 2016

If you want to read some more poems, Travelling Light, one of my poetry books, is available for free on Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, etc - you'll find links on the left panel of my home page. Cheers.

Sunday, 29 November 2015

MKSP Black Friday/Cyber Monday Crazy Fun Party! #prizes

Hi, I haven't been posting here for a while. I had two operations in October and I've been in the 'recovery' thing, which meant all my energy has been spent on getting myself to work and then zonking in front of the TV afterwards. Now that MUST change or I'll never write again!

Anyway, today, I'm still gonna be sitting on my butt, but hosting for an hour today at this event, organised by Kim of the MasterKoda FB group and MKSP, for Black Friday-Cyber Monday. It's a big giveaway of books, with various authors hosting every hour. 

I'm on at 6pm UK time - that's 10am PT / 1pm ET – and giving away some books... pop along if you like. 

The event link on Facebook:

There's also a big competition of grand prizes. The rafflecopter will explain all -

And, finally, to all you readers, if you’re looking for a bargain read, why not check out this website, where you’ll find many of the authors taking part this weekend -
Here's our line up of authors for today and Monday -

Sunday, Nov 29

10amPT: (6pm UK) me
11amPT: (7pm UK) Jennifer Loiske
NoonPT: Debra Shiveley Welch
1pm PT: Ey Wade

~Break~ (One hour)

3pmPT: Greta Burroughs
4pmPT: Steve Vernon
5pmPT: Candy Ann Little

Monday, Nov 30


2pmPT: CJ Peterson
3pmPT: Denise Ellyson
4pmPT: Wendy Siefken
5pmPT: Kimberly Hughes Smith
6pmPT: Tamy Burns


Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Spooktacular Giveaway Hop - October 15-31 - win books!

Hi, I'm excited to be involved in the SPOOKTACULAR Giveaway Hop, hosted by I am a Reader, Not a Writer ( The hop is running from October 15-21, and there are so many blogs involved that you could gather an awesome armful of books!

 I'm giving away paperback copies of my fantasy novel The Sea Inside to 2 winners, 
and an ebook copy of Kiwi and the Living Nightmare to 10 runners-up :) 
Fellow author Greta Burroughs is giving away ebook copies of Gerald and the Wee People and  
House on Bo-Kay Lane to 2 winners. Good luck!

Winners' Prizes

The Sea Inside (paperback) by Vickie Johnstone
Book 1 in the Cerulean Songs series

"A young woman is struggling to adjust to life after a spinal cord injury when she is given a gift by a mysterious older woman. Rather than merely help Jayne adjust to her new reality, this gifts offers the potential of a completely alternate existence. Jayne finds her true love only to be dealt another cruel blow by fate. In her journey to get back her new life she must face the biggest hurdles any of us can – our own fears and doubts.  
The Sea Inside is a young adult fantasy adventure that, like the Kiwi series, takes the reader on a visit to a fantastic realm." (Review, Amazon) 
Amazon author page

Gerald and the Wee People (ebook) by Greta Burroughs
Book 1 in the Wee People series

Amazon book link
Amazon author page
 “A charming fantasy story, difficult to put down, and the pages and action quickly fly by.”
(Review, Amazon)

Gerald and his best friend, Vernon, literally fall into a new world when responding to a plea for help. A few years earlier, the boys discovered an unusual clearing in the woods where only Gerald had the ability to watch the daily activities taking place in a miniature village. When creatures attack it, Gerald becomes concerned about the little inhabitants he has become attached to. Inside the village, the boys face many dangers in trying to help the villagers fight the misshapen ones and fulfil a prophecy. An action-packed fantasy adventure that will keep you spellbound until the last page.

House on Bo-Kay Lane (ebook) by Greta Burroughs 
Book 2 in the Wee People series

Amazon book link
“Entertaining, imaginative, well written and lots of fun.” (Review, Amazon) 

 Gerald and Vernon believe their time with the wee people came to an end after they returned to their home world, but they have second thoughts when strange things start to happen at an abandoned house in their neighbourhood. When ghostly images of familiar faces from the wee people village are seen in the windows and echoes of voices from the past haunt the boys’ dreams, an undeniable curiosity draws them to investigate the mysterious haunted house. A special mirror and the telepathic skills of their former friends inevitably draw them back into the world of the wee people. 

Runners-up Prize
Kiwi and the Living Nightmare (ebook)
Book 3 in the Kiwi Series

Amazon book link
"Living Nightmare has just the right amount of scary bits along with humour to make it a very enjoyable read for kids of all ages." (Review, Amazon) 

 Amy, James and Kiwi embark on their spookiest adventure yet – on Halloween. What begins with an eerie dream about a three-legged cat will take the budding detectives on a quest to find an old house in the middle of the woods, meeting some perky squirrels along the way. Little do they know that there awaits an angry, restless ghost that will do anything to stop them leaving. Meanwhile, Inspector Furrball and Siam discover the human world, and that Ames and Jimster are not what they seem. 

For a chance to win, just do the Rafflecopter. Good luck! 
Click on the links below the Rafflecopter to hop to the other blogs offering fantastic prizes :)