Saturday, 8 June 2019

A Poem a Day (95): War puppets

Afternoon! I haven't posted anything since February, it seems. Ah, the speed of light! I hope you've all been more creative than me this year. Cheers to that! How life gets in the way sometimes.

If you fancy writing some flash fiction or poetry, and getting/giving feedback, or just reading other people's creations, head over to JD Mader's 2minutesgo website. It’s a great place to go and write whatever is in your head. Cheers.

War puppets

I can reorder time,
We all can,
See it slither in your grasp,
Catch it, scoop it up,
Taste it on your tongue.

Will it make you lie?
Can you lie here with me?

I catch a star,
It glistens; I catch a fly,
It dies so prettily.

This purpose humours none,
I honour my life in futility.

They despair, longing nightly
For the curtain beyond this,
The days laid out as counting beans,
Miniscule ages ripped away,
And thus they file out,
Aching feet sullied by mud.

I hear a dim cry in the light
But it’s buried under sound.

Copyright Vickie Johnstone, June 8, 2019