Sunday, 22 June 2014

A Poem a Day (57): She steps in time

Ahhh, I got a shock today when I realised it has been a month almost since I last wrote something. I've been working full-time this year, and coming home from work and flopping in front of the TV, feeling like an extra from Dawn of the Dead. Ah, this must end, and I must start switching off the TV and writing. So, sending you all inspirational bits and bobs, and bobbettes, and thoughts of creativity... switch off the TV and switch on to your hobby and passion in life, whatever that may be. Here's a poem I just wrote.

She steps in time

She steps out in time
To a summer rhyme
Spilling silken sounds
Forever kept at bay

Little secret smiles
Spiky dances of a child
Like a spinning top
These things beguile

Walking brisk in time
To the Showman’s whip
Obedient, we never slip
Or cause the slightest rift

Hear the sinking swim
The glowing neon drips
Bending curves of light
Glittering in my sight

In wrapt delight, I bathe
Beneath this August sun ­-
I’m wishing on the wings
Of an arching blackbird

Copyright Vickie Johnstone, June 22, 2014