Smarts & Dewdrop Mysteries

Book 1 - Day of the Living Pizza

Detective Smarts of Crazy Name Town has a problem. Doctor Boring and his receptionist have been bumped off, and the only clues at the scene are some olives, tomatoes, mushrooms and sprinkles of oregano. With the town folk dropping like flies and strange figures stumbling down the streets, Officer Dewdrop has an idea.

Written especially for Gage Bailey and contained in the Gage Project book to raise money for children's charities. All profits go to charity. Thank you for helping.
You can find many enjoyable stories, jokes and poems for children in the main book:

Published in May 2012.
Cover illustration by Jennifer Bastow.

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***** Linda Rae Blair
 I knew going in that Day of the Living Pizza was written for young folks, but let me say that I've never laughed so hard. Zombies/Living Pizzas parading around the town, characters like Chief Egg, Detective Smarts - oh my! Very well written and loaded with fun. If I can find it in print, I'll get a couple of copies for my grand-kids. They'll LOVE it!

***** Ed Drury

Day of the Living Pizza is an amusing short story written for the Gage Project, a charity that raises funding for children's charities. It is a fun bit of escapism written in a very witty style about the ever popular food, Pizza and the importance of offering all possible toppings for it. Part zombie apocalypse and part young adult crime mystery and fully hysterical, this short work delivers many grins and chuckles as Detective Smart matches what passes for wits with a town of Pizza Zombies with limited vocabulary. Only quick thinking and a bit of Reductio ad absurdum saves the town from the Day of the Living Pizza menace.

***** Ey Wade
I couldn't help myself, I found myself laughing aloud many times as I read this story. The idea of someone running down the street screaming while a giant pizza chased her was both funny and scary. Vickie wrote this story as contribution to an anthology for the Gage Project. A project to entertain a child going through surgery with the prospect of a lengthy recovery time. Proceeds from this book will go to charity. This book definitely does its job. Too funny.

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