Cat City (Kiwi Series)

The Kiwi Series is based on a little black, very fluffy and sometimes cheeky cat I used to have, called Kiwi. 

I wrote Kiwi in Cat City in April 2002. I had been made redundant and suddenly had a lot of free time. I began to write this book, adding more and more characters as I went along, not sure where the story would go. I sent a synopsis and a few chapters off to a big publisher, which replied with a single-line rejection. I put the book away in a drawer. In February 2011, I friend told me about Amazon Kindle Publishing. I typed up the book, edited it and published it in March 2011. This inspired me to keep on writing.

In March 2011, I published Kiwi in Cat City.
In June 2011, I published Kiwi and the Missing Magic. 
In October 2011, I published Kiwi in the Living Nightmare.
In December 2011, I wrote Kiwi and the Serpent of the Isle. It was published in June 2012.
In August 2012, I finished writing the fifth book, Kiwi in the Realm of Ra. It was published in November.
In November 2012, I wrote Kiwi's Christmas Tail during NaNoWrimo, and published it in December.

The series is illustrated by the talented Nikki McBroom.

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Kiwi in Cat City

Amy and James live with their parents and their little black cat, Kiwi. One dark night, Amy cannot sleep and she looks out of the window into the garden to see Kiwi transfixed by the moon, which has taken on a weird, glowing shape like a cat's claw. Waking her brother, Amy suggests they follow Kiwi to see where she goes... whether it involves a hunt for mice or something else. Little do they know that with a flick of her tail, Kiwi is going to lead them on the adventure of their lives to a land they never knew existed in their wildest dreams. In the blue-lit world of Cat City, they gain an understanding of what it's really like to be a cat while helping Inspector Furrball to investigate a missing catizens case.

Kiwi and the Missing Magic

In book two, James and Amy embark on another adventure with their little black cat, which will take them to the Land of Giant Mice. The children return to Cat City to help their friends from the first book and meet some new characters along the way, including the Worry Bee, Whiskers and Moggie. The catizens' home is at risk of invasion and some of the Magic has gone missing. Can James and Amy help Kiwi to save the day? More importantly, will James' pet hamster find his true calling in life? 

Kiwi and the Living Nightmare

In book three, Amy, James and Kiwi embark on their spookiest adventure yet - on Halloween. What begins with an eerie dream about a three-legged cat will take the budding detectives on a quest to find an old house in the middle of the woods, meeting some familiar characters and some perky squirrels along the way. Little do they know that there awaits an angry, restless presence that will do anything to stop them leaving. 

Kiwi and the Serpent of the Isle

In book four, the wedding of Inspector Furrball and Madame Purrfect approaches. But, catastrophe, the ring is stolen from the Gem Shop! A pawprint identifies Fyre Cracker as the thief, but he lives in a dark world beneath Cat City, which is inhabited by crimicats. It’s up to the Kiwi Klub to find the ring. In the human world, the hamsters decide to stand up for their rights to better plastic wheels and an abundance of sunflower seeds. Meanwhile, the dastardly Dev shocks Kiwi with the news that he knows a big secret about her family –  her father, Delphinius, may still be alive! The key is The Sculptor, who will lead Kiwi and friends on their biggest adventure yet – to the strange Isle of the Serpent where they will come face to face with their most dangerous adversary so far.

Kiwi in the Realm of Ra

In book five, inspired by the film 'Back to the Future', Whiskers invents The Time-Squeaking Mouse. He plans to take his friends on a fantastic trip to celebrate Amy's thirteenth birthday. However, the time machine falls into the wrong hands and dastardly Dev travels back to Ancient Egypt when cats were sacred. With Dev having changed the path of history, it's up to Kiwi and the gang to travel back in time to find him. What will Kiwi, Amy, James, Whiskers, Hammy, Misty, Furrball and Siam think of this desert world of tombs, pyramids and sacred gods?

Kiwi's Christmas Tail
Book six is set over one Christmas and involves a star, a fairy, a witch, a toad, some catizens and Santa himself. Amy, James and their magical cat, Kiwi, find a star. But this is not an ordinary star. He's living and breathing, and his name is Sharissimo. A year earlier, the star and a fairy called Lilabel were captured by an evil witch with a big wart on her nose. While Sharissimo managed to escape, Lilabel didn't. Can Amy, James and Kiwi find the fairy before Christmas Eve, and rescue her from the clutches of the witch? The witch herself is in for a shock when she finds herself in the furry land of Cat City where she might be forced to be... nice.


  1. Kiwi in the Realm of Ra is my 2nd Kiwi book to be read and shared with my daughter. It's a bit less zaney than Kiwi in Cat City, but is just as wonderful. This series is great for anyone with kids and a cat in the house.

    1. Thanks, Paul. I only just spotted your comment. I'm really glad your daughter likes my books. Thank you so much. I love writing them and love the characters. I'm hoping to write a new one soon.


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