Wednesday, 29 January 2014

#WW WOW Wednesday: Greta Burroughs

Hi guys and girls! Welcome to WOW Wednesday. My 17th guest is my friend and fellow writer, 
Greta Burroughsauthor of the Gerald and the Wee People series and some fantastic books for kids. 
What are they all about, I hear you ask? Well, read on to find out more... and if you head to the Reviews section of my blog you'll see my thoughts on her books. I love them!

About Greta's YA books:

In Gerald and the Wee People, Gerald and his best friend, Vernon discover a mysterious spot in the woods where Gerald visualizes a miniature village complete with wee inhabitants. He enjoys going back to that spot and watching the day to day activities until trouble starts in the village and he tries to convince Vernon that the 'visions' are real and the wee people need help.

While trying to prove that the whole thing is just Gerald's wild imagination, the boys literally fall into the new world and get caught up in a war. The boys come up with ways to keep the invading force from entering the village but another solution has to be found in order to put an end to the conflict.

Along with a few companions from the village, Gerald and Vernon embark on a quest to face down the deranged forest god who instigated the mayhem. The dangerous path is laid out by an ancient prophecy, but not everything goes as planned. 

The adventure continues in the second book in the Wee People series, House on Bo-Kay LaneGerald and Vernon believe their time with the wee people came to an end after they returned to their home world but begin to wonder when strange things started to happen at an abandoned house in their neighborhood. Ghostly images of familiar faces from the wee people village are seen in the windows, echoes of voices from the past haunt the boys’ dreams and an undeniable curiosity draws Gerald and Vernon to investigate the mysterious haunted house. What they find takes them back to the world of the wee people and a new adventure begins.

A mirror is found in a forgotten room in the far-seers’ training centre. Sheela, a far-seer master and Alyson, an apprentice firestarter are unwillingly drawn into the depths of the mirror and wind up in the abandoned house on Bo-Kay Lane. Sheela uses her telepathic skills to enlist the aid of Gerald, Vernon and Gerald’s father, Andrew to help find the way back to the world of the wee people.

That problem resolved, they try to unravel the secrets of the mirror and find that it is a portal between their two worlds, as well as to a time in the future and possibly even to a parallel universe. They also discover that someone is trapped inside the mirror and the decision has to be made as to whether or not to help the trapped soul escape the confines of the portal.

Meanwhile, the wee people discover the origins of their world. That knowledge is not well accepted and leads to discord between them and the outworlders, Gerald, Andrew and Vernon. An uneasy truce paves the way to an understanding and acceptance of the unwelcome facts and eventually to a solution of how to deal with the man in the mirror.

Book three in the series will be out later on this year. 

All about Greta

Greta Burroughs loves to read. No matter where she is, there is always a book close at hand. Her love of reading began at an early age and blossomed over time to include many different genres, her favorite now being fantasy.

As a preschool and elementary school teacher, Greta tried to instill the joy of reading in the children she worked with. Books were an important part of her classroom and story time was the highlight of the day.

It has been a while since Greta was in a classroom but she had lots of experience in reading to children of various ages and remembers what they enjoyed listening to. She tries to incorporate that knowledge into her work as an author and believes it makes her a better writer of children's and young adult books.

She now resides in SC with her husband, Robert and three dogs. Greta has six books published at the present time; three children’s books in the Patchwork Dog and Calico Cat series, two MG/YA fantasy entitled Gerald and the Wee People and House on Bo-Kay Lane, and a non-fiction account of her experiences with an autoimmune blood disorder called ITP - Heartaches and Miracles.


Thanks for reading - look out for another WOW writer next Wednesday!
Happy reading & writing! :) 

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

#WW WOW Wednesday: TM Novak

Hi guys and girls! Welcome to WOW Wednesday. My 16th guest is TM Novakauthor of 
The Abduction of Lilly Waters. This fast-paced thriller will have you on the edge of your seat. What's it all about, I hear you ask? Well, read on to find out more about the novel and this talented writer...

“Beth could hear Lilly from the back seat of the car for most of the trip, singing and humming to herself in such contentment that it warmed Beth’s heart. Leaving town wasn’t the easiest choice she’d made, but it was a necessary choice in order to start a fresh life and escape her horrific past.”

The Abduction of Lilly Waters
By T.M. Novak

Beth had never anticipated her life would end up like it did. The last beating she received at the hands of her boyfriend threw her over the edge. She had to escape him, so she fled, taking her daughter, Lilly, with her. She didn’t know where to go, but she didn’t care. All she could manage to think about was her unborn child and her daughter.

The frequent stops that mother and daughter had to make were uneventful until Beth pulled into a diner in Moore, Oklahoma, where Lilly was taken by unseen hands.

Detectives Daniel Prescott and Frank Martinez head the investigation, trying relentlessly to solve the case before it’s too late. These days when children are taken it’s a unified frenzy to find them. In this case every lead turns up empty and every turn they take reveals a clue they couldn’t have anticipated. The detectives are not quite sure where to turn or who to trust; even the mother herself is a prime suspect.

Book links:

“Her scream pierced the darkness, meeting the relentless thunder as it cracked against the black sky. It was like a battle of wills, each trying to conquer the other. This can’t be happening…”

“Detective Frank Martinez scanned the scene. He was looking for something more, something that would spiral the case in the right direction. As of that moment, nothing seemed right. There were no leads, just the words of a pregnant woman that didn’t add up, some witnesses that didn’t see a damn thing, and broken glass. He felt sure the mother was hiding something, and he was determined to figure out what.” 

Reviews on Amazon US
4.7 out of 5 stars for 50 reviews

5 stars - Great read
This was an excellent book by a first time writer. I enjoyed the story development and description. 
I look forward to the next offering from this writer.
Published 3 days ago by manny O

5 stars - Not to be missed
Great psychological thriller. This psychotherapist loved it, but you don't need to be in the 
profession to appreciate the excellent writing of a gripping story
Published 3 days ago by Lena

4 stars - Quite a roller coaster ride!!
This is the kind of psychological thriller that starts in one direction and ends in a totally different one. 
Published 8 days ago by Melissa Troutman

4 stars - Full of twists and surprises
It turned out to be a treasure. Great story line. Really surprised me. 
Published 10 days ago by Linda Ladybug

All about T.M. Novak

Tammy was born in Waterbury, Connecticut, eight minutes before her twin brother. She comes from a large family with seven brothers and sisters, and eleven nieces and nephews so far. She grew up in Southern California and currently lives in Prescott, Arizona.
Tammy married her high school sweetheart, Gary, in 1994 and they have four sons. She received her teaching degree from Northern Arizona University in 2010, and is currently teaching in Mayer, Arizona.

The Abduction of Lilly Waters is her debut novel and there are several other works in progress: a YA series called Butterfly Lake, and a children’s book series called The Big Green Dinosaur, which will be published under the name of Tammy Moore. Her sister, Latisha Wood, is expected to illustrate them for her.

The things that inspire Tammy the most are family and she always keeps her relatives at the forefront of her thoughts. She gets her story ideas from her dreams and her children, where she takes a simple moment and creates a world all its own.


Thanks for reading - look out for another WOW writer next Wednesday!
Happy reading & writing! :) 

Saturday, 18 January 2014

A Poem a Day (50): Fishing

This grey ocean flicks and turns
Writhing, the current strong;
Strips of cloud roll across
Thrown by an invisible hand

Piercing this picture
A majestic eagle cuts the wind,
Swift at break-neck speed,
Sharp talons outstretched

With powerful dark wings raised
It breaks the surface rippling,
Sinks into the chilled depths
To scoop a silver fish

Wriggling to win freedom
It senses the uselessness
Gripped between these feet
Rising into the yawning sky

copyright Vickie Johnstone

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

#WW WOW Wednesday: Jerrid Edgington

Welcome to the first WOW Wednesday of 2014. My 15th guest is Jerrid Edgington
a paramedic - that makes me go wow! - and author of Racing the ReaperTake it away, Jerrid... 

About Racing the Reaper

Jacob Myers was a normal, average, run-of-the-mill kind of guy. He often felt that his life was meant for something greater. But without any formal education, he was stuck in a mundane office job. That all changed one night when he suffered a spinal cord injury that nearly left him paralysed and trapped in a wheelchair. Through his recovery process, he found the direction in life he’d been longing for: to get a job in EMS. 

Jacob suffered through mistake after mistake with his new job, but began to learn how to deal with life and death situations, as well as the emotional and physical rigours that the job put him through. After two years as an EMT-Basic, he went to paramedic school. Upon completion, he took to the streets and had to learn a completely new set of rules. 

As if his job wasn’t difficult enough, Jacob gained a stalker who was a former patient and she made his life a living hell. In dealing with life and death, followed by a stalker, Jacob was not sure if he’d made the right career choice. Along with seeing the things he did in the field, he began to question his faith in God. Would he survive the streets and the psychotic stalker, Becca? 

All about Jerrid

Jerrid Edgington has been a Paramedic since 1997, working in four different states. He is currently living and working in Poteau, Oklahoma, where he is a paramedic for Le Flore County EMS. He is happily married to Jody, and they recently had an addition to their family on October 16th when they were blessed with the birth of Zoey, their daughter. Jerrid spent several years as a semi-professional football player, officiated high school varsity football and basketball, and also enjoys woodworking as well as writing in his spare time. Jerrid is currently writing a medical fiction thriller series called Racing the Reaper

Review snippets 
62 reviews on Amazon US, ranking 4.4 out of 5 stars

“Absolutely brilliant!! I love this novel and cannot wait for the rest of the trilogy to come out! Captivating and visual from page one.”
Sara (5 stars)

Great new author, November 22, 2013
“Excellent storyline. Didn't want to put it down. It shows insight into the heart of an EMS worker.”
Mama Rose “rvgal” (5 stars)

Victim to Victor!, November 17, 2013
“This is a phenomenal read and worth every penny! Edgington's writing is crisp, visual and captivating. A story of victim to victor will have you turning page after page until the end. The writer brings the main character to life so well I could hear him speaking! I felt his pain deeply and rejoiced in his accomplishments. Awesome job.”
Aro (5 stars)


Twitter - @jerridedgington

Thanks for reading! 
Look out another WOW Wednesday soon!

Saturday, 4 January 2014

A Poem a Day (49): We Live in the Echoes

Hi guys & girls! First of all let me say a big Happy New Year to you! Wishing you joy, health and lots of luck, and may at least one of your dreams come true in 2014! One of my NY Resolutions is to write more entries on this blog... some months I write more than others, but I'll try to write a few times a week and introduce some new things. I'll still be writing poems, which I hope at least one person is reading! Ha ha! Enjoy!

We Live in the Echoes

We step inside mirrors,
Lemon petals pave the way;
I sleep in stages, sleep sublime,
Walking pages never read again

I see the signs yet still forget,
Imagining faces of the past;
A rush of bliss splits the breeze
Where the peacemaker wanders
The crevices of the closed mind;
He offers echoes of your stare

We live in the echoes,
Patterns drawn upon a wall;
Plunging ripples capture all
The raw beauty of the real

Where the fool laughs his last
Is a time we’ll never see
For he plays so beautifully,
Daring to step beyond himself,
Embracing all there is to see
With such wide open arms

Copyright Vickie Johnstone, Jan 2014