Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Words With... Phillip Thierjung

Thanks to Phillip Thierjung for this interview

How long have you been writing? 

I started writing my first book, Bethyl and the Dragon Dagger, in January 2009.

Do you have a day job or do you write for a living? 

I wish I had a job. The economy is in a bad shape here. I use the computers at the library to communicate online. I am also homeless, living in a tent in the woods here.

What do you feel is the ideal recipe for a good novel/story/poem?  

There is not one recipe. It depends on how creative your mind is. 

What/who inspired you to write and still inspires you?  

Ego. You have to want people to read what you write

What books have you written? Do you stick to one genre?

So far I have written Bethyl and the Dragon Dagger, and White Tiger and other short stories
I am currently typing my next book, Bethyl and the Winter Night Rider.

How long did it take you to write your book/s?  
My first book took me three months to write. Then I put it aside for nine months before I started to edit it.

Do you have any works in progress?  
Bethyl and the Winter Night Rider.

Which character from your books do you like most/are most like?

My main character, Bethyl, is my alter ego. 

Where and when do you write ­ – do you have set times during which you write 
or is it just when the mood takes you?
I have no set time. I write when I am in the mood to do it.

Have you ever based a character on someone from real life? Has the person guessed?
All my characters are fictional. 

How do you find the marketing experience? Any advice for other writers? 
Do you use a blog or twitter, etc?

I do blog on Friend Finders under  wander_in_star. The advice I would give a person who is just starting to write would be: start with an idea and build on it. After you have finished writing your book, be prepared to rewrite it. Do not be afraid to change your story.
Bethyl and the Dragon Dagger

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