Sunday, 28 August 2011

Sample Sunday: from Kaleidoscope


Just travelling through
Passing signposts for new places
Gathering dust in my suitcase
From countless hostels
And numerous noisy bars
Anonymous faces blend into one
Synonymous with every town
I meet with random people
In random spaces, chat awhile
Seeking new experiences
And a different place each day
Not knowing what tomorrow brings
Carrying my world in a case
Knowing I won’t miss it
If I leave it somewhere
Maybe I’ll find it again
If I have a care
Tomorrow I’ll hit a new town
And the day after that
Fields of dreams echo on again
I thought I’d be homesick
But I never feel that way
Just travelling through
Being someone new each day


  1. Inspirational poem and I believe every day is a fresh start a new beginning. I believe that where we travel is God's gift to us, we are to glorify Him and He puts us there to do his will.

  2. Found you off of Book Blogs. Good poem. I purchased the children's poetry collection for charity. If you would like to come on my blog and talk about it please let me know.
    you can look at my blog at
    you can find me there or on Book Blogs.

  3. I like it.... and I believe that you can't really find home until you've travelled... thanks for the reminder!

  4. thanks for all your comments :)
    happy reading & writing to you all!


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