Monday, 24 October 2011

Nine haiku

Brown eyes on grey wings
A little moth flutters
In the cool moonlight

Open plains stretching free
Breathing so wild green
How long can they stay?

Rain falling on leaves
Smells of green - catch the
Bats that dive and cry

Red petals in the rain
Glisten like spilt blood
Caught on green prickly thorns

Little worm wriggles
A strange glow in the backyard
He shines in the night

In a soaring haze
A sheet of pink flamingoes
Shatters the calm sky

Cheeky black kitten
Sneaks a ride on random feet
When playtime is over

Rainbows follow rain
In the haze of summer sun
Ever shimmering

Off ice-strewn Alaskan shores
Orca whales breaching
Grey seals bobbing in the sea

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