Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sample Sunday: The Weird Tattoo

She sits at the bar
A leg descended
Shifting her skirt
Tapping a foot
To the music
That eels its way
Across the room

The scales circle
Rounding her ankle
Running upwards
Snaking a path
That twists
And turns
Moving unnerving
On the tapping foot

Gliding and wriggling
The weird tattoo
Of a biting snake
Awaiting its prey
Scales of blue
Green, brown, red
Eeling its way
Up the pale skin

She taps her foot
As the music wails
Shifting her weight
On the bright red stool
Asks for another
From the barman
Who chatters away
Wiping glasses
One missed beat
And the red wine spills
Across her lap
A blood red trail
Eeling down her leg
Into the waiting
Mouth of the
Hungry snake

This sample poem is from Kaleidoscope, a book of 119 poems:

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