Saturday, 25 February 2012

Indie book reviews: Double-take Tales by Donna Brown

I really enjoyed reading this trio of dark stories with wry humour and some unexpected twists.

First up is Round Trip, in which an unassuming little £5 note passes through the hands of an interesting mix of characters with different ways of thinking. Like some crazy relay race, this begins with Suzy Taylor. Will it bring good luck or bad? As you're reading, you wonder where the note will go next and if any of the characters will be linked by more than you're seeing at the time. This was my favourite story.

Next is Poison, about an abused and lonely wife who is tempted by the idea of bumping off her husband, who is allergic to nuts. Will she, won't she? I like the style of writing and how the viewpoint of the narrator sucks you in - "There is something about the slow, insidious nature of disappointment that is so damaging." The woman has begun to feel invisible in her husband's life and in her own. How will she go on?

Ending the trio is Ç'est La Vie, in which the police investigate a murder, watched by someone unknown. "They didn't find the body for three days. I know because I watched and waited." The character pulls you in straight away and you find yourself questioning who they are, what they want and what part they may have played. Fascinating study of emotion in relationships. I was totally surprised by the ending.
I read this collection on the train to work and recommend it. 
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