Saturday, 23 June 2012

Indie Author Hop winner - congratulations!

Thanks to everyone who took part in my paperback giveaway as part of the Indie Author Hop, from June 13-19, hosted by I Am A Reader, Not A Writer & Krazy Book Lady

Congratulations to Elizabeth Kotkiewicz Hyatt, chosen by random through Rafflecopter, who wins a paperbackcopy of Kiwi in Cat City and a signed bookmark. I hope you enjoy it!

I really enjoyed reading all of the answers to the question:
what 5 things would you take to a desert island? 

I'd be inclined to cheat and take a house, a speedboat, friends, a fridge that never ran out of anything, especially Milky Bar choc, and... my cutie cat, of course!!

Here are the answers that I received... all anonymous, of course! I think they make great reading. They show how different we all are... but books and food are constants! And someone is even taking Mr Depp! Good taste! I love how some answers are totally serious and practical, and others are not at all! :) Thanks also to the person who nominated my book! It made me chuckle that books, food, GPS and Kindles were the most popular choices here... way above hubbies :) And kitties got a mention too :) There also seems to be a demand for solar-powered Kindles... come on Amazon... make their day!

So, what would you take?

Here are some of the replies for your enjoyment... 

My Nook, a generator (just for my Nook), Kellan Lutz, water, food and a bed

Books, sunblock, food, flashlight w/batteries and a picture of my hubby

Water, food, Just Listen, flashlight and beef jerky

A book, sunscreen, a knife, lip balm and comfortable shoes

Food, water, blanket, books and chocolate

Knife, water purifier, a tent, a torch and a pillow

If I can't take my four boys, I'd take my Kindle, my laptop, food, water and a boat!!!

A plant identification book, an axe, a lighter, a star map (a deserted island has to be great for star watching) and a camera

My Kindle, Johnny Depp, Grey Goose, a GPS with signal beacon so my rescuers could find me (attached to) and a fully equipped luxury yacht!

My iPad (assuming I had a good internet connection, LOL, and that there was a way to charge it), sunscreen, sunglasses, bathing suit and a trunk full of books in case I couldn't charge the iPad!!

My husband, an e-reader loaded with books, a camera, a solar power charger to charge the e-reader & camera, and matches

Books, pillow, duvet, books and books!

Kindle, my cat, paper and pen, food and water

Sunscreen, a thick book, toothbrush, food and water

A whole bag of books, a knife, water, GPS and a hottie to keep me company!

Books, food, water, shelter and more books :)

A book, my phone, a lucky charm, photos of my sons and husband, and my sanity

Solar-powered Kindle, my hubby, water, food and a bathing suit!

Mirror, tampons, matches, knife and a copy of your book ;)

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