Sunday, 29 July 2012

Two lovely reviews

Today I had my day made for me when I read two reviews of my books from Ey Wade! Thanks Ey!
Happy face today!

Day of the Living Pizza

I couldn't help myself, I found myself laughing aloud many times as I read this story. The idea of someone running down the street screaming while a giant pizza chased her was both funny and scary. 

Vickie wrote this story as contribution to an anthology for the Gage Project. A project to entertain a child going through surgery with the prospect of a lengthy recovery time. Proceeds from this book will go to charity. This book definitely does its job. Too funny.

3 Heads & A Tail

Oh my gosh this is a funny book. I hate to harp on the topic of how the dog made the story, but I think he did. I know for sure I will forever look at my own dog and wonder what she is thinking.

Vickie did a terrific job transitioning between the romance concerning the humans and the love the dogs had for each other.

There was just the right amount of suspense between everyone/thing involved to keep you turning the pages and hoping all would work out well. I really enjoyed the story. It's such a feel good read and recommend it to all aged readers.

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