Tuesday, 26 February 2013

A poem a day (1): Rebegin

Hi! I decided to start a new thing called 'A poem a day'. I just realised that I've only done one day's writing on fiction this year, apart from writing features and the odd poem here and there, so hopefully this will help my creative hamster to jumpstart his wheel... hopefully... come on, fluffy!
Here goes... see how many days I can keep this up! 

Some haiku

In the morning sun
I begin my reverie
Awash in sunlight

Fall in clover, smiles -
Birdsong lifts my spirits high 
To soar in white wisps


She aches, aching
To find nothing sinking
Blues in the apparent
Greens sinking in hue
Beginning, fulfilling
Every measure sought
The whale song lingers
Forgetting every breeze
The mirror weeps
A lip curls to a smile
So here she walks
Never a ghost to be

Copyright Vickie Johnstone

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