Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Finalist in the Indie Excellence Awards 2014! Yay!!

I'm so excited today and super chuffed. My horror novel, I Dream of Zombies was a finalist today in the National Indie Excellence Book Awards. Last year, my children's book, Kiwi and the Serpent of the Isle, made it. I went to work today on cloud nine. It's so great when someone turns around and tells you your book isn't rubbish!

A big thank you to my beta readers, Penny, Stewart and Ally for their constructive advice on this book. Beta readers are invaluable, as I discovered when I got to my 13th book. If only I'd realised earlier!! :))

Happy Tuesday folks! Hope all is well and dandy in your neck of the woods. Apologies as I've written absolutely nothing for weeks. I have a full-time job and have been socialising more!! Yep, that's my excuse! I'm also working on book 2 to I Dream of Zombies and hope to publish it this weekend. Some time. Fingers crossed! xx

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