Friday, 28 August 2015

A Poem a Day (52): Smoke

Well, it's been a while... and I'm rusty, but JD Mader's Unemployed Imagination site got me off my butt and writing today. Head over to his place for some inspiration :) A happy Friday to ya, whatever you're up to. 


Grey smoke lists
Twists in the echoes
Of an endless night

Moments of indecision
Breaking under pressure
Until life pauses
Offering itself alive
To be savoured

He sees her as she is
In tunnel vision
Soft as the sea’s roar
Penetrating his shell

She seeks and finds him
Here in the dawn
A blanketed man
Raw in his openness
Hopeful of high heart
Aching to know it all

He senses
A reflection drawn
And set apart
Yet completing him
As she lifts her head
To utter a kiss

She saves his smile
A treasured thing
So fragile and fleeting
To keep her warm
On the journey back
To herself.

copyright Vickie Johnstone

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