Thursday, 24 May 2018

A Poem a Day (75): Inside my skin

A flash poem (not edited) written for JD Mader's 2minutes go writingexercise... It's every Friday-Sunday, so if you fancy writing something - whatever you feel like - head over there, or just read the flash fiction and poetry. This is his blog, Unemployed Imagination:

Inside my skin

There's one and two, and a door,
And a crazy kind of karma
That lies in wait open-mouthed,
Teeth snapping at the wandering
Skin, and like a child I stroke it,
Urging the beast to tear to shreds
My curious fingers, seeking out like vines
Twisting. His eyes peeled, so keen
To make my acquaintance. But I stop
At the ghost of a kiss, not wanting to be
Forward or tempt him to rip the tissue
And sinews from the white of my bones.

Copyright Vickie Johnstone, May 8, 2018

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