Monday, 30 January 2012

Small flash

Hi, I've been a bit quiet for a while... so here's some flash fiction :)

The haunted house by Vickie Johnstone

In the dark in the park by the tree that was the favourite of the lark, the haunted house glared. It spied through black windows, behind which shadows flittered. Footsteps unheard outside passed unbidden within. A spider stretched its legs across the stone floor on which no man had walked for years. Behind the heavy front door there breathed the ache of the ages. Long gone and long forgotten. A silent bell rang out. The silent clock ticked. The master of the house arose just as he had done a few hundred years before. Yawning, he walked outside the shimmering.

Forever by Vickie Johnstone

She follows the line of the wavering stream below the glow of the shimmering moon. Moonbeams speckle irredescent across her upturned face. Her fingertips trace the cold, dewy grass. Her bare feet tred softly. She relishes the quiet of the night. Going to meet her lover by the tree with their names carved. The wind blows her dark hair; feels like spiders scuttling across her cheek. Almost there. She sees him waiting. The mark of the noose never fades from his neck. Instinctively, she reaches to check the same welts on her own. She smiles. Their love overcomes even death.

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