Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Haiku Bombers 4: Time

Quill Shiv has a weekly Wednesday haiku writing prompt

Today's prompt is this picture and the subject of  TIME

Head to her website to read her haiku, those of other writers' and to join in:

Here are my attempts: 

Time ticks tock tick tock
Shadows curse the chill hour
Deathly midnight, hush

Time ticks past a life
Races you, tricks you, lies in
The hand of the old

Time changed her - knowing
Everything he does is wrong
She sucks his bones dry!

The rhyme outside time
Plays with words echoing thoughts
Wrapped up inside

I leave time standing
In the hour of the glass
Strewn between sands

Time stops still and stares,
Glancing back through frozen air
It feels our despair

The hours, they drift by
In this endless stream of time -
Tick tock winds itself

In the midnight hour
He strums his guitar and sings
Tales of times gone by

She recalls moments
Sealed inside her photographs -
Joyous times of old

Smearing on lipstick
June smiles at her reflection,
Wishing to grow up now


  1. These are all quite wonderful! I love the unique takes you have on each one.

    My favorite ones are the last one, and the one about time tricking.

    Excellent work!

  2. Thanks :)))
    A picture prompt really helps to write haiku :)

  3. All very well crafted. Love them all.

  4. Thank you! Cheers for stopping by and commenting :)

  5. Impressive, Vix... I liked the second and last most.


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