Sunday, 27 January 2013

A poem by Robert F. DeBurgh

Last week, I was sorry to hear that Spike, the cute dog owned by my friends and fellow authors, Greta and Robert Burroughs, had passed away. Yesterday, Robert posted a poem about him. I thought it was so touching that I'd post it here for everyone to read. Take it away, Rob...


There must be a place
Where old dogs go
When their life on earth is done
A place where they may run and play
And snooze in the noonday sun

There must be a place
Where old dogs go
When they heed that final call
A place where they have all they need
A dish of food and a rubber ball

There must be a place
Where old dogs go
Where there never is cold rain
A place where the sun will always shine
And there will be no more pain

Yes, there must be a place
Where old dogs go
When their mission is finally through
A place where they grow young again
While waiting there for you

And one fine day in that sacred place
Where old dogs go
They’ll see you striding through the mist
Run to the call of your cherished voice
And beg to be loved and kissed

Together you’ll go from that dear place
To cross the rainbow bridge
To a place that lives in both your hearts, never more to roam
On the other side of the rainbow bridge
Will be your forever home

In memory of my beloved Spike - 1995-2013
Robert F. DeBurgh


  1. Thank you for posting my poem Vickie. I really appreciate it. It's so hard to lose a dog that has been a friend and constant companion for so many years. I guess it's time to move on but as a good friend of mine says, "The tears never really go away."

  2. Beautiful poem. My own special dog, Max, left me for Rainbow Bridge almost a year ago. I have worked in rescue for years, and it is never easy. They touch our lives in a special way that only they can.


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