Monday, 28 January 2013

#Petsontour - Andi's Chapter Books

Thanks to Andrea of Andi's Chapter Books for hosting me today as part of the Raining Cats & Dogs Blog Tour that I'm doing with fellow author, David Brown - see the #petsontour tab above for the full schedule.

My guest post today is about Kiwi in Cat City, how it came about (in 2002) and why I like writing books for children. 

Most of my characters are animals. As a child I loved to read books with creatures in them, like Fantastic Mr Fox and The Three Bears. Growing up, we had a kind of miniature zoo at home and I used to talk to all the animals. My dad bred budgies and I thought I could communicate with them by winking. In writing these Kiwi books, I’m remembering more things from my childhood and recalling all the things I thought were marvellous – talking animals, visiting new worlds, being able to turn into animals, using magic – and, of course, good has to win over evil, because nothing really bad can happen.

Here's the link to read the post -

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