Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Flash fiction 1: Amish Hit Job - my entry

Today I did something different to get the hamster-in-the-brain running. You might not know, but Indies Unlimited is a wonderful website for anyone who is writing and/or thinking of self-publishing.

They have the weekly Flash fiction Challenge, so I wrote one. Of course, there's an animal in there!!

Here is the website if you'd like to enter your own story and read the other entries. Voting begins tomorrow, I think. http://www.indiesunlimited.com/2013/06/22/flash-fiction-challenge-amish-hit-job/


Seth and Amos and I saw the fancy rig waiting outside as we walked up. The driver sat there stoically, waiting for his passenger to return. There was no mistaking it. This was the Amish mafia. Somebody must’ve failed to show up to the midnight barn raising. Now there would be a shunning going on – a brutal shunning, indeed. To our everlasting shame, we averted our eyes and quickly walked by. Yet, we were not to escape unscathed. As we turned the corner, we saw the carriage start our way. The driver’s eyes bore at us. Just when it seemed there was no escape…


“Woof,” I said, raising an eyebrow of warning, but knowing full well that the boys would just think I was battling a flea. Turning, I did the Lassie ‘Follow Me’ routine, but it wasn’t working.

“It’s getting closer!” gasped Seth.

“What am I supposed to do with all these potatoes we pinched?” asked a scared-looking Amos.


The carriage was bearing down on us, and by the devilish look in the driver’s eye, I knew he didn’t mean to give us directions.

“Run!” Seth shouted.

We did. Down that stony road we pelted as fast as our legs could carry us, and was I glad that I had four, I can tell you. On we ran, coughing on the dust thrown up in the summer haze.

“I feel like we’re in that film, ‘Duel’,” said Seth.

“No time for jokes,” grumbled Amos. “Do you wanna carry this sack?”

Seth shook his head, and we all skidded as the lane turned. We charged on beneath the boughs of the sheltering trees. Glancing back, I barked in fright. I could see the whites of the Devil’s eyes and he was laughing.

“Let’s jump off the road,” suggested Seth, panting. “He can’t get us there.”

Grinning, Amos hurtled off to the right, tripping over the potatoes and landing with a thud.

“Guess I’m the brains of the outfit,” said Amos, laughing as the demon rattled by.

No, that would be me. I tried to tell you guys earlier, but would you listen? “Woof!”

Thanks for reading!! Now have a go on the website! I dare you! :)))

Copyright Vickie Johnstone

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