Saturday, 4 January 2014

A Poem a Day (49): We Live in the Echoes

Hi guys & girls! First of all let me say a big Happy New Year to you! Wishing you joy, health and lots of luck, and may at least one of your dreams come true in 2014! One of my NY Resolutions is to write more entries on this blog... some months I write more than others, but I'll try to write a few times a week and introduce some new things. I'll still be writing poems, which I hope at least one person is reading! Ha ha! Enjoy!

We Live in the Echoes

We step inside mirrors,
Lemon petals pave the way;
I sleep in stages, sleep sublime,
Walking pages never read again

I see the signs yet still forget,
Imagining faces of the past;
A rush of bliss splits the breeze
Where the peacemaker wanders
The crevices of the closed mind;
He offers echoes of your stare

We live in the echoes,
Patterns drawn upon a wall;
Plunging ripples capture all
The raw beauty of the real

Where the fool laughs his last
Is a time we’ll never see
For he plays so beautifully,
Daring to step beyond himself,
Embracing all there is to see
With such wide open arms

Copyright Vickie Johnstone, Jan 2014

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