Saturday, 22 March 2014

A Poem a Day (52): In the End

It is the ending of a brief glimpsed day,
One that awakened with the dawn
Breaking in a wash of hope and colour,
Inspiring the world to begin again

We move in haste, passing through,
Congratulating any small victory
Of ours, or theirs with a generosity
That portends to be second nature 

Our names are many, often on our lips
Introducing us and the lives we live,
As though one word can conjure up
This complexity that is us and only I

The sky is so much bluer than the sea
That much I have learned over the years;
It is a small item, a speck of knowledge,
Yet it is the wisest thing I can tell you

For in these photographs I breathe anew
Every person, every place, every scene;
I think in colours, shapes and forms,
Reliving the static as a moving picture

We roll with the times, taking it all in,
Doomed to repeat the same errors;
Seeing fate in the briefest of patterns,
Yet blessed we are to be able to change

Welcoming the breeze of a different land,
Standing ‘gainst the surge of the endless sea
In awe I count the restless birds looping,
Dreaming of flight in the waking dawn

copyright Vickie Johnstone

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