Sunday, 15 March 2015

A Poem a Day 2015 (38): The smell of sour

Another one written for JD Mader's 2minutesgo Friday challenge on his blog. I took 'The smell of sour' from his first story as a prompt. Cheers :)

The smell of sour

She’d smelt it all her life
the rusted scent
of strewn dust
making it all melt

this stench lifted
curling like old paint
wet to the touch
bitter to taste
it followed her
in a cloud of waste
this reminder of old

when it sounded
this ancient bell
the heady mariner
came carrying his shroud

bereft of any knowledge
of its meaning
in silence he drifted
into the outer realms
where the dead pound
ageless and unborn
their endless ache

he lies without
breath or word
as silent as the sea
turned sour.

copyright Vickie Johnstone

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