Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Flash fiction 5: the waiting #2minutesgo

Hi! Today, I'm posting a little bit of flash fiction that I wrote for JD Mader's 2-minute writing challenge. It's on his blog, Unemployed Imagination, every Friday if you fancy a go. As usual, I took my writing prompt from his first story - 'the waiting had almost killed him'. Cheers.

The waiting had almost killed him

Waiting. Always waiting. He checked his watch. Almost on the hour. The time drew near. Wet roses. Waft of lemons. Soft plaintiff breath on the air. So cold. He felt it. Just there. Almost a hand’s grip away and then it swerved. A dumb call, lost in the quiet. Except for those deep, even breaths. Then nothing. Almost as quickly, it dispersed, trickling away around the corners, into the walls, hiding. He moved, tasting his own fear in his mouth. That metallic, cold and hard. His own breathing rushed like water through his ears, his muscles tensing. It called him. Always now. Around the hallway into the dim light. Candles lit the way, newly lighted. His welcome greeting to her. When she made it, he would follow. If she could escape the nightmare. Her life. The hallway twisted, altering perspective, pulling the ground up to the heights, and his heart leapt into his throat as the shadow shifted upon the walls. Flickering in the candlelight. Shimmering. Vague as the night. Lithe as the air. She danced in the in between.

copyright Vickie Johnstone 


  1. I love the way the rhythm builds to that last line. Deadly.

  2. A very good writing! I like the phrase "tasting his own fear in his mouth"...
    Thank you!

    1. Thanks, Denis! Much appreciated & cheers for visiting my blog. Happy Monday to you!


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