Friday, 3 April 2015

A Poem a Day 2015 (43): The hitch-hiker

Here's a 5-minute poem, written for JD Mader's #2minutesgo Friday challenge on his blog. You just show up and write. It's inspiring so check it out - every Friday, like now! :) - 

The hitch-hiker

No time like the present
She said

Wished yesterday revolved
Wishing upon the thing
As the oil spilled forth
Dark and rich
Congealing in her hands
Like sin

The time was for the taking
The day eaten by the night
A still, arched moon
Against the howling wind
Like a curse

She stood guard over it
Her own body
And the soul caged
Its remnants
As the car turned
Like a hearse

“Are you going my way?”
She asked the profile
Flicking a smile
Opening her hands
Clean, so bare
Like innocence

Twisted is the way
I am
She said
Not so long ago
To the last passer-by
Like a game

This one has a crazy air
A dark wildness
Flicks back his hair
Spits in the dirt
Curses this old life
Like a reject

In her hands she carries it
All, despairing
Slipping into the car
Too close to him
Offering a smile
Like a child

But the demon inside her
Rages hot and cold
Eager to howl
Translucent as this moon
In a moment she’ll snap
Like hell itself

No time like the present
She said

copyright Vickie Johnstone

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