Friday, 22 May 2015

Flash fiction 10: Ocean light

It's all going on over at Unemployed Imagination - JD Mader's challenge to just write your little heart away for 2 minutes. Go guys!

Ocean light

This night is one I make, hear, lose. Emptied of my anger, the unsettled ocean carries me far. To play upon a lost star, the dark challenges. It conjured me here in the depths of my despair, oft emptied and stamped upon, until I can almost feel the souring blanket of sand envelop me, dragging me down into this endlessness where I can be nothing.

These waves flicker at the edges of me, peeling back my skin, flaking in the wind blowing so chill, sweeping across my face like a lost bird.

I ache here. My anger long faded, I ache still. The heart knows and my scars feel it. Ahead I can see it all. The dark blazes like the morning shine and so I am no longer lost. I creep inside myself, this knowing in the ending, the spiralling, the trickle of it all. And so I am small. And so I am sublime. In balance it will subside and the ocean will forever turn. In turning, I can too.

copyright Vickie Johnstone

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