Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Book launch: Kiwi and the Serpent of the Isle

Out now!

I'm happy to announce that book 4 in the Kiwi Series is out today for the special introductory price of 75p/$0.99 (ebook). It is also available in paperback. The story takes Kiwi & friends to the UnderPaw, a dark crimicat world below Cat City, and to the mystical, watery Isle where they meet their most powerful foe yet - the Serpent. In a side story, the hamsters want equal rights!

Thank you!

Book blurb:

In book four of the Kiwi Series, the wedding of Inspector Furrball and Madame Purrfect approaches. But, catastrophe, the ring is stolen from the Gem Shop! A pawprint identifies Fyre Cracker as the thief, but he lives in the dark world of the UnderPaw beneath Cat City, which is inhabited by crimicats. It’s up to the Kiwi Klub to find the ring. In the human world, the hamsters decide to stand up for their rights to better plastic wheels and an abundance of sunflower seeds. Meanwhile, the dastardly Dev shocks Kiwi with the news that he knows a big secret about her family – that her father, Delphinius, may still be alive! The key is The Sculptor, who will lead Kiwi and friends on their biggest adventure yet – to the strange Isle of the Serpent where they will come face to face with their most dangerous adversary so far.



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