Thursday, 6 September 2012

Congratulations to Feed Your Reader Winners!

Co-hosted by Books: A True Story

Congratulations to three readers who have won copies of my books in the Feed Your Reader Giveaway Hop

I'm excited to be name the winners of the following books:

Kiwi in Cat City
Kiwi and the Missing Magic
Day of the Living Pizza

Congratulations to:

Tammy Brewer
Stacy Richman
Michelle L Lynn

Yay! I'm emailing you now and I hope you enjoy the books.

A quick recap of the winners' favourite and scariest animals - 

Tammy - my favourite animal is a hippo and I am scared to death of mice

Stacy - love jaguar and wolves but they are also the scariest 

Michelle - horses, well, grew up with them, then worked with them in my career, but for a smaller house pet, cats for sure. love dogs too, am a total animal person really :)

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and took the time to enter.
Happy reading everyone! :)

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