Wednesday, 31 October 2012

#BlogFlash1031 for Halloween

Spook! Happy Halloween!

To celebrate pumpkins, ghosties, zombies and things that go bump in the night, I'm happy to be taking part in  #BlogFlash1031 for Halloween, co-hosted by Terri Giuliano Long and The Indie Exchange. Everyone had to write something spooky using up to 500 words. 

Here's mine:

Footsteps in the rain

She walked into the path of oncoming traffic
Lights flashed her blind in the pitch darkness
Heading her way they swerved to the side
Their horns screeched like cats, radios blared
The night ached a thousand lived memories

She walked barefoot, her feet cut but soundless
Like a dreamer who had long ceased to dream
The stars glistened high above like fairy lights
Dazzling in the night sky, so quiet their beauty
Unravished by life, uncorrupted, so pure, fine

Her eyes squinted to improve their clarity
They shone so brilliantly, like ice against black
She had wandered far, not knowing the distance
Far, far, a long way from home and her people
Seated around a wooden table, food cooking

Amid warm smells of crisp, burning wintry heat
She could imagine them laughing and grinning
Their teeth glinting in the lights as they spoke
Blood dripping on their plates, their eyes red
Clawed fingernails gripping the edges so taut

Their wild hair flicked as they wailed and groaned
Enough! This she did not miss, could never miss
So now her escape was final, desolation dismissed
The blood could stay chilled and frozen like ice
Away from her, hidden in those dark, darkest eyes

Closing her eyelids, she flicked away the memory
The road was cold, the rain was starting again
Tap, tap, tap, the lights danced in the water
Her toes flicked little glistening drips into the air
She grinned at such a simple, honest thing

Memories of a life forgotten, once lived before
In the time long ago, in a time she lived once
The horns continued to sound, high-pitched wines
Too high, shattering the quiet of the still night
She turned her head to scowl, unseen in the dark

Determined, she walked on, oblivious to the cold
Heading towards the noisy, bustling flow of cars
She had no fear of them or their terrifying roar
They sounded their horns but they could not see her
Blinded as they were to the dead thing walking.


  1. Wow, that last line sent a shiver down my spine! Great post, Vickie! Thanks for taking part and Happy Halloween!

  2. Wonderful post Vickie, love the imagery and the closing segment is fantastic :)

  3. Excellent poem. The last stanza explains it all in most macabre fashion.

  4. Great spine chilling imagery here. Good job!

  5. As always I enjoyed your writing, Vickie! You have an excellent talent for poetry, particularly the spooky kind it seems!


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