Friday, 12 October 2012

The Indie Exchange #FlashFiveFriday: Dog

It's Friday Flash time again...

The prompt is...

#FlashFiveFriday is a weekly flash fiction/flash blogging prompt run by The Indie Exchange.

The rules are very simple if you’d like to take part:
1) Write for no longer than five minutes;
2) No upper or lower word limits;
3) You must write something new;
4) You can prepare your post ahead of time but the 5 minute limit still applies; and
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Here are mine:

It's a dog's life

It’s a dog’s life, you know. A little scratch here, a little scratch there, a sniff, a whiff and a phew, why does my bum smell so bad? What did I eat last? You know, with all these scraps I find, I’ve no idea. I love a rummaging in the dustbins in the mornings, just before the men turn up to empty them. You never know what you’ll find in there. People throw away so much perfectly good food. Okay, some may be past it’s best, but it tastes okay to me. I even found a pair of old slippers the other day though they were too big for my paws, but I wrestled with them for a bit and that passed the time til I found a bone to chew on. 

It’s a dog’s life, checking out the gardens, dashing between the alleyways, running through the fountains, fishing in the stream for, well, dog knows what, and chasing squirrels in the park. Nope, don’t go all animal-rights and mushy on me, I haven’t caught any. It seems that I’m too slow. Nothing to brag about there. But I can still fetch a bone, if the fancy takes me. 

It’s a dog’s life. I take everything in my big paw stride. It’s a waggy-waggy woo day when the sun is shining and I’m heading off for some fun with my nose in the air. A sniffy sniffy –woo, what will I find today. Mmm. There goes old Mrs Whatshername... I wonder if she’ll have any treats for me today, or at least a tickle under my chin. She’s my favourite woman in the neighbourhood because she really loves doggies. Voof.

From the dog house

Well, how do you do, Mister,
Woofed the dog to the man.
I see you’re looking around
For a brand new pooch.
What d'you reckon on my coat?
Or my big, soppy brown eyes?
I can sit, beg and fetch a bone
Chase rabbits or squirrels –
You name it, I’ll run after it,
If that’s okay with you...
I know you don’t understand 
No matter how much I woof 
But I’ve been in this dog home 
A long, long while and I’d like
To move out to a nice warm place
With a big garden, preferably,
And maybe a kid or two to play 
Plus some tasty dinners going
But I’m not too fussy, if I’m honest
For a doggie of my old years
All I’m looking for now really
Is some good old-fashioned love


  1. Great posts Vickie. Love them both.

    Dogs really do have tough lives, don't they?

    1. Thanks! I was wondering about that after reading the story about Charlie. I reckon it might be because people don't realise how much time and effort they need to put in with a dog, and they are impatient. Bit like some people you read about who have kids, but don't treat them well because they cannot cope, or don't want to cope. Maybe.

    2. I think some people just think they are "dumb" animals and perhaps something to make a buck off of.

      Mine live a rather spoiled life (though Schatz may argue with that when I'm making her go outside in the winter)

    3. It's such a shame cos they're so far from dumb!

  2. Some people have children, I have dogs. I guess that says a lot about me :-) Love your little poem, we're looking for a new dog and about to visit a rescue centre x.

    1. Lol, I just have one little cat! I've had her for 13 years now. She's sleeping on the back of the sofa by my head! Good luck at the rescue centre. Hope you find a pooch! :)

  3. Brilliant offerings again, Vickie! But I had a feeling this week's prompt would be a perfect one for you!

    1. Voof! Thanks - he's a new character to keep Glen happy !


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