Tuesday, 11 December 2012

New book release: Kiwi's Christmas Tail

Do you believe in magic?

For kids aged 9 up, teens and adults. Book six in the Kiwi Series.

Fur, magic, thrills and comedy moments fill this fantasy adventure set over Christmas, involving a star, a fairy, a witch, a toad, some catizens and Santa himself. 

Amy, James and their magical cat, Kiwi, find a star. But this is not an ordinary star. He's living and breathing, and his name is Sharissimo. A year earlier, the star and a fairy called Lilabel were captured by an evil witch with a big wart on her nose. While Sharissimo managed to escape, Lilabel couldn't. Can Amy, James and Kiwi find the fairy before Christmas Eve and rescue her from the clutches of the witch? The witch herself is in for a shock when she finds herself in the furry land of Cat City.

Set in the human world, Cat City and Santa's Grotto.

This book can be read without having read the previous ones, because there are no series plot strands.

Out now! Only 99c or 77p. Coming soon in paperback.

Available in all the usual places - Smashwords and Amazon.

Amazon US
Amazon UK 

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