Saturday, 1 December 2012

Review for Kiwi in Cat City - win a copy!

A big thank you to Patricia 'Mamaw' for this review of Kiwi in Cat City.
She is running the review on her blog today and you can win a paperback copy - just click here:

5.0 out of 5 stars Kiwi in Cat City ~ A great adventure in reading!!December 1, 2012
Late one night Amy woke up and saw her cat Kiwi sneak out of the house through her window. She decided she was going to follow Kiwi just to find out what the cat was up to while the family was sleeping. Amy's little brother James awoke and wanted to know what was going on. When she told him he jumped out of bed ready to spy on Kiwi. It was a little, maybe a lot scary wondering around in the dark outside. As they ran through a field Kiwi turned around and asked them if they were following her. After they got over their shock Kiwi asked if they wanted to come along with her. Both of the children decided they wouldn't miss this for anything. Then she told them to repeat some magic words and motions to make and shazam! Amy and James turned into kittens. Yep, with tails, fur and walking on four legs. Kiwi told the kids/kittens they were going to Cat City and not to let the catizens know they were humans.

What in the cat world was going on? What was Cat City and catizens?
Well they are soon to find out. They are about begin the greatest adventure of their lives.

This author has quite a vivid imagination. Turning children into kittens not to mention that their pet cat can speak several human languages. Vickie's talent for writing is impressive in that it kept this sixty-two year grandma entertained through the entire book. You will find adventure, intrigue, mystery, kidnapping and cat police to the rescue.

The illustrations in the book depict the story which appears to be watercolors in soft colors. The images make you want to pickup the children and the cat up and give them a big hug. They are just too cute!

The author has several other books in this series and more to come.

I highly recommend this book.

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