Thursday, 4 April 2013

A Poem a Day (18): Hold that thought

A short poem from the prompt 'Hold that Thought' from a poetry site I was checking out yesterday. This one isn't a five-minute poem. Probably ten or so.

Hold that thought

“Hold that thought,” squawked the bird
As he peered down from his cage
“If I fly out, where would I go,
What would I eat, do you know?”

“Don’t be afraid,” soothed his friend,
Who watched him from beneath.
“I will catch you if you fall
Though I doubt you will at all.”

“But I’m scared,” squeaked the bird
Bobbing his yellow head to and fro.
“I’ve never gone beyond this cage,
“Ever since I was the youngest age.”

“Don’t you yearn to be free?
To soar overhead, oh so high,
Looking down on all of us?
Why do you make such a fuss?”

Canary turned his eye to the door,
Fastened with the simplest clip.
All this needed was to push a bit
And really that would be it.

Weighing up all his options,
He cursed his yellow heart.
Why did he tremble and shake
Over the journey he could take?

“Maybe another day,” he chirped
To his four-pawed, furry friend,
Whose whiskers suddenly drooped
As the bird was not to be duped.

copyright Vickie Johnstone

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