Sunday, 21 April 2013

A Poem a Day (24) - Beyond & some senyru

Hi! Greetings from Poland. I'm on holiday for a couple of weeks in Poland. We flew yesterday (tweet tweet), so I didn't post any poems, but I'll try to post every day. LOL, we'll see!! 

Anyway, here are some 5-minute poems for A Poem A Day. They are inspired by the prompts from Robert Lee Brewer in the Reader's Digest April PAD Challenge. If you want to join in with the challenge, here is the link:

Here are my offers for PAD 20 and 21. 

The prompt for 20 was to use the word 'beyond'.

The prompt for 21 was to write a senryu. I had no idea what this was. Turns out that it's a haiku in the 5-7-5 syllable style, but about the human condition, so it seems I've been writing these for ages and have loads in my haiku book, Life's Rhythms, but I'd no idea that they have a specific name! You know what they say about learning something new every day!!

Okay, well have a lovely day and here are my poems!! :)


Beyond the day
Afore the mentioned
Skimming the waves
Bridging the fjord
Footsteps in the snow
Melting the roses
Spilt like blood, red
Casting brilliance
In a white blanketed

Beyond the moon
Where the stars dance
In the darkest heavens
Enjoying their wealth
Their courage foreseen
Casting silver dust
They float suspended
Darting across the skies
Swept up in a draft of


Mindless he strays, far
From the heart strings that pull so,
Imagining light

Sinking in the dark
Where the gutter sucks him up,
He tries on a smile

She wakes in the morn
Wanders to the shower, sighs,
Stops and cannot start

Chasing the deep bark,
He throws the stick wide, laughing
Where the lake invites

He takes the plane where
A hundred signposts signal
The hunt for freedom

Pegging the clothes she
Stares into the ache beyond
As the days wear thin

copyright Vickie Johnstone 

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