Monday, 20 May 2013

Kiwi in Cat City - 99c blog tour

Hi, here are some more of the stops on my blog tour, organised by the amazing Kim at Master Koda Publishing. The tour is to celebrate Kiwi in Cat City being on sale for 99 cents or 75 pence, if you're in the UK like me!

Heidi Nicole Bird is interviewing me -

Here I talk about the inspiration behind the book on Natalie Star's blog - the real Kiwi -

An excerpt...

Who is your favorite author, and how did they inspire you to write?

I have a couple: Hans Christian Anderson and Roald Dahl. I don’t know if they inspired me to write, but I loved both and still do. My favourites are The Little Mermaid and Fantastic Mr Fox. I always loved books starring animals and fantasy, along with characters who had layers and seemed real. I also loved Enid Blyton, especially The Folk of the Faraway Tree. I always had my nose in a book as a kid and I started writing stories really young, so it’s children’s authors who inspired me. I remember in junior school the teacher reading us The Adventures of Miss Pepperpot. I can’t remember anything about the book now, but our homework was to write our own version. I included many of my classmates in my story, which was read aloud, and I remember going bright red because my friends enjoyed it and the teacher liked it. I was pretty shy and writing was my outlet, along with drawing. So, thank you Miss Pepperpot and co.

Thanks :)

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