Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Some poems from Poland

Hi! I'm still on holiday in Poland until the weekend, so I'm sorry I haven't been posting much. Have been very busy, enjoying the sights, sunshine, good food and good company. Although I haven't had time to blog, here are some poems that I've been scribbling in my notebook :)

Now that I breathe
I feel alive
Brightest rainbows
Are what I want to see
Now that the time is free
Unconstricted, flying high
Brightest rainbows

Some poems that I wrote while staring at the magnificent baroque ceiling in Wroclaw University - Aula Leopoldina.

Saints of old, pure gold
Faces arched to the far light -
A shadowed bird flies

Canvas of colour,
Breath of life, living in death,
Treasured o'er the years

Sanctuary here -
Life in colour, aged lines;
Masters of the brush

In these ages past
We walk in the echoes of
Shadowed times long gone

Bent on wooden aisles,
Faces bowed, they pray to the light -
The route they will choose

Awake, they fly high,
United in their belief
In infinity

Rising from the dark,
Colours leap forth as faith lifts
A fiery star

Murmurs lift up when
Slight movements throw shadows on
Alabaster curves

Copyright Vickie Johnstone

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