Thursday, 22 August 2013

A Poem a Day (33) - Disparate Worlds

Here is a poem I wrote last night. I was about to nod off to sleep and started thinking about a woman sitting under a tree, watching a rainbow that seemed to contain all her hopes.

Disparate Worlds

She sits below the leap of the rainbow rising
While he hesitates alone in the drizzling rain

She wanders between the lines so tightly drawn,
Fielding the shadows fleeting beyond her vision;
Without a care in the world, she loves to dance
In the midst of faces, colours and the happening

He knows from whence the echoes slither and slide,
Creating from this clay these forms in his fertile mind;
Watering the tiny seedlings in order for them to grow,
Springing into the giants of which he seeks to preach

Under the boughs she carves her old name anew,
Muttering small nothings that echo on the breeze,
Her every word uplifted on the autumnal leaves;
Their reds suit her, tangling in her escaping hair

Where he follows, he seeks to own her privacy,
Relishing the fit of his boot in her peaceful steps;
While she sits, idly wishing on an idle dream,
He frowns, conjuring a whole secret life for her

Where she exists the fullest is in her imaginings,
Skipping down a hillside littered with musical notes;
Fresh dew speckled on a bluebell nods her way,
The slightest touch fearing to destroy its symmetry

A black beetle scuttling where the gutter waters swirl,
Ploughing through, so chaotic, snapping and bending,
He seeks to slice her confidence, on a par with his,
Watching while she sleeps, so unaware and trusting

In this waking life she steps far inside these mirrors,
Seeking the way that eels beyond this dimmed reality;
One of her creation, designed when she was needful,
Yet now the rainbow soars, she desires to be free

The man hesitates in the rain, stumbling in the darkness;
In contrast, she glides beneath the waking of a dream

Copyright Vickie Johnstone


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