Saturday, 31 August 2013

A Poem a Day (36): Under a blood red moon

Last weekend I went camping at Cromer with some friends and visited an animal sanctuary. It was brilliant. We went on to the beach at night time and the stars were out and the moon was red, and I had to write about it. I've just gone over the poem and changed some bits, and come up with this. Thanks :)

Under a blood red moon

Layer upon layer of silken swirls
They slide like tiny white spider webs,
Shifting like lace, delicate but wild;
Fingers spreading, gripping the shore
Seeking to touch my sinking toes
Here in the dark where silence reigns;
Cotton wool balls of rolling surf
Drive, heaving the sand into piles.

Something glistens beneath the rush
Of these chill waves, plunging near;
The eye of the sombre sea beckons,
Its breath eerily warm in its iciness,
Scooping, dipping, surging forth.
A blood red moon hangs in the sky,
Watching, whispering to the waves
Breaking in the roar of this embrace

Hugging the shore, it searches wide
For its silent partner on the beach,
I, standing on the edge alone.
My shadow enters the waves,
My second self lost in the surf;
It reawakens the life of the sea
Ebbs and flows returning without me,
Leaving but a kiss upon the sand

copyright Vickie Johnstone

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