Wednesday, 28 August 2013

A Poem a Day (35): Rose & 3 haiku


The lady wanders wearily through this world
So cold
Waiting between the echoes of silence
Says a few words to no one in particular
Rain caresses down
Her palms rise to touch the chilled glass
Pressing her nose against the windowpane
Blowing warm life
Her fingers trace curling patterns in the haze
Distilled in the light refracted from the moon
Making its starlight crossing
Strangers stroll past, lost in their indifference
Shadows sketched in outline without form
Toes tapping
An escape of life happening in the moment
Shielded, the Fool will never be compromised
She stretches up
Reaching beyond herself to the unfathomable
The unthinkable self that steps into itself
So she is one
Pure of heart and design, watching the world weave

3 haiku


Amid the morn rush
Inside spills the numbing crush;
This dance with strangers


Trills the wren so light
Flutters, flits her little tail,
Bewitch, twitch and gone


On this moonlit stroll
Wrapt, hand-in-hand, noticing
Nothing but greatness

copyright Vickie Johnstone

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