Saturday, 19 October 2013

Inspiring Teens Blog Hop - last day! Thank you!

Today is the last day of the week-long Inspiring Teens Blog Hop, organised by Greta Burroughs and me. I'd like to say a big thank you to all the authors and bloggers who took part in this. It has been great! :)

If you've missed the days so far, you can still visit all of the blogs and enter the various competitions to win some wonderful books.

We hope you've been inspired to read - Teen Read Week rocks! :)

Main page for the hop -

It coincides with Teen Read Week 2013, which aims to get our teenagers reading! We hope to bring you a fun week in which you can meet writers and win their books, and enter a competition to win a $10 Amazon gift card.

- Check the schedule below for dates and author appearances plus giveaways.

- There are 35 authors of middle-grade and YA books and 27 bloggers taking part, so that's 35 fantastic giveaways! Most of the bloggers are also writers. 

- There is a writing contest on Wendy's blog on the Tuesday with a prize to win.

- You can win a $10 Amazon gift card - there will be two winners - on the main hop site:

Good luck with winning prizes and we hope you have fun!


Monday, October 14
Blogger – Kate Bainbridge -
Author - Vickie Johnstone

Blogger - Sharon Ledwith -
Author - Jennifer Loiske

Blogger - Armen Pogharian -
Author - Ey Wade

Blogger – Candice Conway Simpson -
Author - Sharon Rose Mayes

Blogger - Cedar Sanderson -
Author - Kim Mutch Emerson

Blogger – Maria Savva –
Author – Ed Drury

Tuesday, October 15 

Blogger - Kate Bainbridge -
Author - Greta Burroughs

Blogger - Jennifer Loiske -
Author - Cedar Sanderson

Blogger – Lisa Cresswell -
Author - Tim Flanagan

Blogger - Debra J Jameson Smith -
Author - Sharon Ledwith

Blogger - David Lowbridge -
Author - Amanda Haulk Taylor

Writing Contest at 7.45-8.45pm CST / 12.30am GMT

Blogger - Wendy Strain -
Starring author Greta Burroughs
This is a five-minute fiction contest open to everyone. Please join in. The task is to write a short story using a prompt provided by Greta. A prize will be awarded to the winner. It's a lot of fun and an exciting way to show off your skills at writing.

Wednesday, October 16 

Blogger - Kate Bainbridge -
Author - Debbie Manber Kupfer

Blogger – Maria Savva -
Author - Linda Deane

Blogger – Debbie Manber Kupfer -
Author - Lisa Cresswell

Blogger - Debney Nichole Armstrong -
Author - Armen Pogharian

Blogger – David Lowbridge -
Author - Dianne Gardner

Blogger - Robert DeBurgh -
Author - Christine Hughes

Thursday, October 17 

Blogger - Kate Bainbridge -

Blogger - Vickie Johnstone -
Author  - Paul Plunkett

Blogger - Kim Mutch Emerson -
Author - Donna Dillon

Blogger - Karen Pokraz Toz -

Blogger - David Lowbridge -
Author - Saoirse O'Mara

Blogger - Brenda Perlin -

Friday, October 18

Blogger - Kate Bainbridge -
Author - Tianna Scott

Blogger – Tim Flanagan -
Author - Catherine Stovall

Blogger – Sharon Rose Mayes –
Author - Wendy Siefken

Blogger – Cassie McCown -
Author - Alan Tucker

Blogger – David Lowbridge -
Author - Michael Chulsky

Blogger – Wendy Siefken -
Author - Juli Caldwell

Saturday, October 19 

Blogger – Robbie Cox -
Author - Debra J. Smith

Blogger – Jonathan Gould -
Author – Sibel Hodge

Blogger - Greta Burroughs -
Author - Chris Baker

Blogger – Cassy Wood & Alex Harrington - special posts all week for Vicki Kinnaird

Author - Vicki Kinnaird 

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