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New Book Release: I Dream of Zombies

Hi, I've just released a new book. This time is something completely different and it's about zombies! At the moment it's only in ebook format on Amazon, but that should change next week. This is the first horror book I have written. It is dedicated to my dad and all those zombie lovers out there. Thanks to my dad’s addiction to things that go bump in the night, I was watching Hammer House of Horror and scary films from the age of 12, and devoured whatever was out by Stephen King as a teenager. But of all the monsters and scary things out there, the things that made me tremble most were the zombies... even the ones that couldn’t motor very fast. And between you and me, I still can’t play a certain zombie game without flinching, jumping and making the odd squeak.

Book description

A zombie novel set in London over six weeks in 2013, with a strong female lead character. It starts with a dream and then the nightmare takes over. 

It all begins on a summer’s day with the media reporting with some hilarity that people are dreaming of the dead coming to life, but those who have dreamt them are convinced they are a warning of things to come. Marla takes it all with a pinch of salt until she experiences the nightmares herself. Cue paranoia and disbelief until reality shows its new face. 

All over London there are incidences of people becoming sick and aggressive. As the attacks mount, the media is forced to take the matter seriously, but what is causing it? Is it a virus, and is it natural or man-made, and is the government responsible? 

Marla, her sister, Ellen, and friend Tommy find themselves fighting for their survival as their sense of reality is smashed. Will the army and police maintain control or will the country find itself in lockdown, isolated from the outside world? 

Book excerpt... the dream... 

"A sickening sense of dread ravages him as fear drifts over the surface of his skin like fingers, icy cold and unrelenting. He turns again and sprints towards the exit, his pace becoming increasingly slower as if something is pushing him back. Yet still he finds himself in the exact same position, his feet rooted to the spot, his arms sweeping, useless. His hair blows in the breath that the creature now turns on him, sickening in its putrid scent of death and putrefaction. There is not a word he can think of to describe this thing in front of him. Fear creeps, regardless. Twisting, crawling, the maggots swarm across its bloodied face as it opens its mouth wider. Something rips. The yawn seems to swallow him whole into this darkness of despair as a jagged, ripping pain overwhelms him; the sharp teeth chafing, gnawing at his neck, seeking to pierce the jugular vein within. From far off in the distance comes the ripple of laughter." 


5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars For This Great Read October 14, 2013
By Stewart
Format:Kindle Edition
"I Dream Of Zombies" is an ideal read for lovers of this particular genre.

While the plot has been seen in many guises in both film and book over the years - i.e. zombies over-running an area and threatening the very survival of a country or even the world - this book's strength lies in two areas:

First: character development. I was rooting for one particular character, Ellen, right from the start because of the way the author defines her vulnerability and reliance on those around her. Ellen's vulnerability is the real backbone of the story.

And then, while I felt her protectors, Tommy and Marla, could look after themselves, their characters grew and blossomed as an increasing number of other vulnerables, including two young children and two elderly people, join the band of travellers seeking sanctuary from the zombies.

Second: the graphic descriptions of zombie attacks and their effects. Having fled London before the zombie horde really took hold, our heroes later have to make a journey back into Tottenham, and we are treated to descriptions of the carnage there, which adds intensity to what could happen to the rest of the UK if the zombie virus is left unchecked.

This talented author intersperses the horror and action with a little humour (okay, fans of a certain Premier soccer team won't find the destruction of their ground funny, but rival fans will!) and moments of tenderness - I'm thinking here of a conversation between the two sisters on a narrow boat.

While the book moves nicely to a largely satisfying conclusion as far as our band of refugees are concerned, two questions remain. However, it is extremely likely that those answers will be forthcoming as this fascinating story continues in the next book in the series.

As a lover of this genre I give "I Dream Of Zombies" five stars, and eagerly await its sequel.

5.0 out of 5 stars My Favourite zombie novel of the year. 14 Oct 2013
Format:Kindle Edition
Okay I admit I like horror. I have been reading horror for years. So for me it was a surprise to read this novel. I have read a lot of zombies novel and watched hundreds of zombie novels over the years. Most of which forget the cardinal rule of horror. It has to be scary and the characters have to be put in peril. Dreaming of Zombies is the sign that the apocalypse long feared has arrived. So I am pleased to say Vickie has written the novel I have been waiting for.

It starts with a dream of the forth coming evil. Perhaps this is man's most basic prime evil sense warning him/her that he must be prepared for the up coming fight. Next the characters are great. Are you bored with shrinking violets who want to powder their noses in the middle of a zombie fight? Well this book is a breath of fresh air with gritty characters who know how to use weapons and do not bring a hammer to a zombie fight.

It becomes a road movie for a bit of the book but constantly Vickie surprises with Twists and turns. I read a zombie book recently where the main character ex SAS soldier had renounced violence and let his lovely girl friend get eaten. No such problem here! Vickie through out the book remembers that you have to like your characters for the book to ultimately be a success.

I do not want to give the game away too much but will say there are no cop outs in this book which makes a change. Recommended.

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