Wednesday, 9 October 2013

#WW WOW Wednesday: Nadia Kilrick

Hi guys and girls! Welcome to WOW Wednesday. My 8th guest is Nadia Kilrickauthor of 
Ziggy Returns: A Short TaleThis spooky and entertaining ghost story is on sale right now for 99c/75p. What's it all about, I hear you ask? Well, read on to find out more 
about the novel and this talented writer...

A hysterical laugh followed by a snort filled the air. "You don't recognize your own husband's voice, Minna? How soon you forget."
Remorse and forgiveness sometimes come too late. Ziggy has to have the last word, even if it means going home after death. Will Minna ever free herself from her husband's ghost?

About Ziggy Returns

Minna Fuller finds herself in an odd predicament when her moonshine-guzzling husband carelessly causes an accident that changes both their lives. Though relieved to have her life back, she would never have wished death on him. Being a man who always had to have the last word, Ziggy returns to their home to instruct Minna on how she should live the remainder of her life by offering a suggestion she finds far-reaching, even for him. Will Minna be able to rid her home of her husband’s ghost and finally get on with her life? Will she accept his blessing and set on the path he envisions her taking, or will she ignore him and the advice of her friends?

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Review snippets (all 5 stars on Amazon)

“This short story has it all... a scoundrel of a husband... moonshine... a mistress... an innocent love triangle... 
a remorseful ghost... and lots of funeral casseroles... what more could a southern girl need? I was immediately drawn in by Nadia Kilrick's comfortable writing style. The characters were both engaging and believable, 
making Ziggy Returns an enjoyable way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon.”
Jane Cowart

“Nadia Kilrick kept me glued to the pages as her story unfolded. I could picture each scene as if I was right 
there with Minna Fuller. The characters were so real I truly sympathized with her plight in life.
Very entertaining reading, from the first page to the last!”
Pat Bennett

“It was spooky, funny, a tad bit sad and very entertaining the whole way through. I will definitely 
be looking for more stories from Nadia Kirick in the future. Her writing flows and in the middle of 
turmoil she can make you snicker.”
Theresa L Myrick

All about Nadia

Nadia Kilrick is a Florida native who finds tranquillity in the simple life of the Deep South. She believes there is no better place to contemplate life’s journey than sitting beside a slow moving creek shaded by mighty moss-draped oaks. It is there that dreams burst free from within the chasms of the human heart.

Nadia has written fiction since childhood. Her busy life and raising a family slowed the progress of her writing for two decades. When her children moved away, she began writing articles for the web. Nadia’s passion for fiction writing quietly stirred while creating articles related to gardening, family, self-sufficiency and do-it-yourself projects. Now she writes fiction full-time. When writing, thriller, suspense/mystery and paranormal are her favourite genres. When reading, she reaches for psychological thrillers, true crime, mystery/suspense, horror, paranormal, western and historical fiction.

Nadia is pleased to announce her debut short story, Ziggy Returns: A Short Tale, has been published by Master Koda Select Publishing and is now available on Rough Hewn: People of Kilmservy Village, the first in her psychological thriller trilogy, will be released with MKSP in September 2013.

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  1. Thank you for having Ziggy & Minna at your blog today, Vickie. Maybe he'll get tired of traveling around the world and finally leave Minna alone! *giggle*

  2. Great book!!! Loved it. This girl Nadia knows how to tell a great story!!!


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