Saturday, 26 April 2014

A Poem a Day (55): Dreamscape

This one's for Leland Hermit, who just told me to "pick up that PENtameter and write" when I said I wasn't feeling lyrical. So, here's the first thing that sprung to mind - some 10-minute free verse. What's it about? It's up to you :) Happy Saturday! May it be treating you well. Happy bunnies and all that.


It twists
Where morning rises
Watching, barefoot
In the mind’s eye glaring
Between close spaces
A twitch
A sigh
A burrowing down deep
Where the raven cries
A sharp shrill
Breaking silence
So sad it ceases to sigh

Fulfilled anew it dances
In the shallow light of eyes
Unable to break
Beneath the moon’s rinse -
A pure silvery light
Unshaded by the night sky
So soon to distil itself
Into a dreamscape
Snaking round sleeping souls
They drift

In drifting they wake the world
To rebegin again
In the echo of their dreams
Such a muse despairs
No longer
Twisting, it aches
It breaks to breathe anew
Where past patterns fixed

The raven takes flight
His heavy wings pumping air
Like a swimmer’s limbs
The somnambulant express
He tips, soaring
Way above the sleeping heads
And floating dreams, soundless
It twists,
Forever twisting.

copyright Vickie Johnstone

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