Thursday, 5 February 2015

A Poem a Day 2015 (27): Stepping off

I check the news websites and find the times strange at the moment. But then these things have always been here. War never stops, violence never ends, the pain people suffer around the world never seems to change - it's a constant and only the players alter. I read the newspaper on the way to work yesterday, and the suffering I read made me so angry and feel so numb; numb in the way we can't change these things. On the flip side, the craziness makes me appreciate the little things and good people, and how precious life really is, lest we ever forget. Whatever this poem means to you is what it means. Keep safe and happy. 

Stepping off

Like petals falling
Blood red
Against a blue sky
This vast expanse
Of limitless possibility
An endless rush
Of deafening sound
Plunges thankless;
A moment in time
Forever burned in memory

This endless chaos
Flutters upon wings
To a swift beating heart
Fragile in movement
Neither loveless nor tried
Forever in the never
As a bird
Sings caged
With no song unsung
In torment

Should I give a care
If the world stops
Its incessant spinning
Or I step off it
To stand still
In perfect balance?
My own rhythm
In the midst of motion –
A semi-conscious chaos
I did not make

Never will I understand 
This constant buzz
This effort to take flight
In a dead straight line
Without a curve
Or a meander
Or a pause
Ever rushing, pushing
Never sorry
Always there

I think I’ll step off
Right here.

copyright Vickie Johnstone

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