Saturday, 14 February 2015

A Poem a Day 2015 (32): Flutter #2minutesgo

This one is written for writer JD Mader's 2-minute challenge on his website, Unemployed Imagination. If you fancy writing something, head over there right now -


Flutter goes the heart
goes the butterfly
flitting into the open blue
escaping the inevitable
the everyday, this normal,
wishing to remember
the special
the singled-out time,
or is that me
who wants to recall
back to when we were small,
chasing and running idle
always laughing
joking, wondering?
seeking the meaning true
in everything
taking in every shape
each bend
the curve of the thing
its essence
what made it unique.
so here we are
as the butterfly lifts
staring into an orange sun
wondering again
as we did when we were kids
because nothing changes
ever changes,
it’s all rebeginning anew
still as unfathomable
still as unique.

copyright Vickie Johnstone

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