Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award

This weekend I won something! Yes, me! I never win things! Except when I was 18 and I won tickets to see Michael Jackson. Oops, tell a fib, I recently won a Twitter background through Donna Brown's Adopt an Indie initiative (http://adoptanindie.com). 
The tradition for receiving this award is to:

1.  Thank the person who gives it to you and link them back to your blog. 
2.  Share seven things about yourself. 
3.  Pass this award on to 5 other recently discovered blogs and inform them of the honour.
So a big thank you from me and my kitty, Mogsy, to the following super-writing-heroes, although I don't think they wear their pants on the outside of their clothes (I hope) :
Alex Canton - http://terapiacanton.blogspot.com/
Annarita Guarnieri - annaritaguarnieri.blogspot.com/
Cathy Speight - http://cnkbookreviews.blogspot.com/
Kim Fowler - http://wistfulskimmiesbookreviews.blogspot.com
A big yayyyyyyy for them... I can't hear you... louder... ok then...

So, seven things about me:
- I wanted to be a fireman or a vet, but then I also thought I could marry Bugs Bunny... I didn't realise there were many obstacles to our love... such as him being an animal, only eating carrots and actually just being a cartoon...

- I travelled to Canada, Alaska and Australia on my own, and loved it. I saw caribou, a wolf, bears, a tasmanian devil, koalas, all sorts... but no moose! Where's moosey?
- I'd like to live by the sea... as in a house on the beach please... and I think the rain smells green
- I cannot play any musical instrument - not even a recorder (why, oh why?!)
- My fave TV series are The Closer, Frasier and Six Feet Under
- I have odd ears! Really! One is shaped like my mum's and one like my dad's - I pointed this out over Christmas dinner one year and my brother nearly choked on his sprouts
- I have vertigo since being stuck upside down on a ride when I was 24, but I still walked to the top of Ben Nevis, flew over Mt McKinley in a little plane, took a helicopter down the Grand Canyon, stumbled blindly across the Capilano Bridge and peeked through my fingers going up a cable car in Australia (not in the same week) ... and I almost did a skydive... almost, but I wasn't allowed  :(

Moving swiftly on to the five blogs that I would like to nominate for sheer sparkly wondrousness:
Annarita Guarnieri - annaritaguarnieri.blogspot.com/
And that's all folks... now where was I meant to be meeting Bugs today? Shush, don't tell anyone...


  1. Congrats Vickie!!!!

  2. Way to go my friend!! BTW, I saw Bugs sneaking around outside your flat the other day. I was wondering why, but now I know! Greta

  3. Hee hee! He's a hottie:)
    Thankies :)
    I should have nominated you Nicole - there's too many choices and only five!

  4. Congrats on winning. I know I don't win much myself, so I understand how exciting it is.

    I wanted to be a vet when I was little after reading James Herriot. Then in college I realized that I had to take human anatomy, which dealt with a cadaver. I decided writing was definitely more for me.

    Keep up the great adventures, sounds like you're having a blast!

  5. Hi Bridget, I read the James Herriot books too. I loved them. It shouldn't happen... And then I watched the TV series too. Hee hee the cadaver would have been tooooo much. Mind u, in the TV series, there were too many cows' bums to deal with!! :) I realised when I was writing the 7 things that I'd done some interesting things & have not done for a while...I need a big adventure :)


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