Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Great review for Kiwi in Cat City

Morning! A lovely start to the morning with a great review for Kiwi in Cat City from Paul Schofield! Thank you, Paul! :)

The illustration is by the fantastic Nikki McBroom, who is illustrating the Kiwi Series.

***** Delightful... cat lovers will adore itAugust 6, 2012
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This review is from: Kiwi In Cat City (The Kiwi Series) (Kindle Edition)
I am a cat lover myself, being on the staff of three of them (two of which are black like Kiwi), and when I saw the cover I could not resist. Indeed, I was not disappointed with this charming and captivating tale that was difficult to put down. Ms. Johnstone states it is for those nine years old and up and I would agree although it would be a great learning tool if read to younger ones, too.

The story flows well and the plot is complex enough to keep your interest but won't lose young readers. The cast of characters is a colorful mix of fantasy and reality, and the use of expressive terms like "catizen" instead of "citizen" made me laugh out loud more than once. There are beautiful illustrations and cover art that bring the well-edited story to life. This first book of the Kiwi series is a jewel and a complement to the writing skills and imagination of a brilliant young author. Try this one out if you have children, grandchildren, or are just young at heart.

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