Monday, 13 August 2012

Great review for Life's Rhythms!

Thanks to Ey Wade for this awesome review of my haiku collection, Life's Rhythms. It made my week! Apart from the fantastic Olympics! :))

5.0 out of 5 stars Life Flows August 13, 2012
By Ey Wade

I grew up disliking poetry of any kind. Couldn't ever get into the short rhyming lines that seemed to be just thrown together but with Vickie I took a chance. I have already read two of her novels and loved her style of writing so when the chance to review Life's. Rhythms appeared I jumped to it. I was not disappointed. Life flows through Vickie's words. Each haiku is a novel, a story within itself. Vickie's words are picturesque. I could 'feel' the rain as it fell on the leaves and remember how green smells when the rain touches the earth. Thanks to her easy way of writing, I think I may try more poetry. I recommend everyone take a chance and read Life's Rhythms.

Here is a sample from inside. Thanks for reading, Vickie.

Rain fallen like stars
Sprinkles silver-like touches,
Dancing beside me

Some distant day she’ll
Return when she sees beauty
In a rainbow sing

Under sparkling stars
She laughs like water cascades
Rippling endlessly

Raspberries blood red
Ripe, soft and so succulent
Chilled ice-cream slithers

The sheltering moon,
Beneath her glimmer they roam -
Free, the wild wolves howl

In the dry still heat
The lizard basks, eyes aloft
Watching out for lunch

Eyes turn to the sun,
River of blue-black shimmers
On peacock feathers

Leaves hurtle, twisting,
Dropping without an echo –
Curved, their hands open

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